You will need
  • - good communication skills
  • - desire
Staff. Included are the profession from janitors to the waiters in the cafe. Work, of course, dusty. But such jobs are always a great many. You can choose a suitable work schedule and direction of the lesson. For example, in summer often rising demand for meusic machines, landscapers, workers in a summer cafe, etc.
Youth labor market. Pupils and students from 14 years and older will always agree the city authorities. Every town has a youth labour exchange there and arrange officially, and with payments not throw.
Work at home. This type of income distributed not only in the summer. For example, you sew, knit, collect - call to the exchange of domestic labour.
Hourly work. This type of income is well distributed among students. For example, promoters, social research interviewing ads, flyers distributors, couriers, etc. the Work is simple, does not require special education, the main thing - good mood, sociability, and mobility.
A serious company. In these firms due to the large number of summer vacation is much needed personnel. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to earn money, or maybe you linger there for long. Everything is in your hands.