Advice 1: How to calculate the cost of the ticket

Very often, going on a trip or a journey, people don't know how much money they have to pay for airfare or train ticket, it is not enough just to know the cost up to a certain point. Tickets, as it turns out, include and other expenses - all sorts of factors for travel, Luggage, insurance, etc. therefore, to calculate the price for a ticket is quite difficult.
How to calculate the cost of the ticket
The calculation of the airticket,Select the flight, then check the international tariff, the company that operates the flights.
Find out the distance from one point to the other flights (in miles) and check the maximum permitted mileage between the points of your journey. If the number of miles allowed is not exceeded, then the cost of the ticket will be calculated in accordance with the rate per mile multiplied by the number of miles. If allowed miles are exceeded, for example, 10% or 20%, you should increase the amount of the ticket on these percentages.
Attention! When you calculate the tickets, you should also consider stay on the route and their duration, as in the case of their existence the cost of the ticket may be increased or Vice versa reduced due to loss of time, and you must also consider the cost of insurance for the flights that should be added to the price of the ticket.
With all this, consider the sorts of discounts provided by the company. So, for example, a ticket will cost you much cheaper if you buy it directly there and back, purchased in the country from which you fly, etc.
Calculation of train ticket,Remember that the cost of a train ticket made up of different things that need to be considered in the calculation. Select a route.
Think of in which car will be your journey, as each type of car has a certain value. Consider whether you will use the trip sheets, as it is a separate cost.
Specify the cost for your itinerary on a specific train for one VAG/km, and then find out the distance from the starting point to the destination. Multiply these two quantities, recognize the value of clean a ticket.
Add to this amount the cost of bed linen (if required), and state fee that is charged if lost or damaged travel documents. Specify this value in help railway station or at the cashier.
Add to these price the cost of booking if the tickets were reserved in advance.
Add the cost of baggage items, in accordance with its weight and size, if available. Add to this amount the cost of insurance for the railway transport, in case you are going to take it.
There is another way of calculating a "clean" ticket on the train. Find out the seasonal factor and the cost of the ticket at the time of purchase. Divide the total amount by the factor and learn "clean" the cost of a railway ticket.

Advice 2: How to find the price

In order to calculate costs, if you are going to go with his family to relatives in another city, on vacation to the sea, etc., there is a need to find cost of train tickets. Of course, you can go to the station and stood in line at the cash register or help Desk, to find out interesting information. Try to learn cost of travel in a different way.
How to find the price
You will need
  • -computer with Internet access
If your house has a computer with Internet access, then find out the cost of travel to the desired point is quite simple. This information is available on the official website of JSC "Russian Railways". To get to the main page, type in the search box of your Internet browser the address: Follow the link and you will see the main page of the website of JSC "RZD".
On the left side of the page you will see a square box with the inscription in black "Passengers". Under you will see the line with the words written in a font red: Schedule, availability, cost of tickets". Below, one underneath the other, are three tabs: "Where", "Where", "date".
Fill in the blank lines tab, name the start and end point of their trip and the desired date. Moreover, the date can be written by yourself (written only the day and month), and can be inserted by selecting it from the drop down menu. To access it, click on the box on the right side of the string "date". For example, a point of departure is Moscow, the final destination of Belgorod, date – 20.10.
After the rows are filled, click on the Find tab located at the bottom of the window, on the right side. A page will open titled "Availability of tickets MOSCOW - BELGOROD on 20.10". The table will list all trains of the route "Moscow-Belgorod on the specified date, i.e. on 20 October of the current year. In the columns of the table you will see the train numbers, departure times and arrival time. In the column "Availability" will indicate the types of places: L-luxury, coupe, P-reserved seats, etc.
To view the cost of travel, select from the list the right train, highlighting by clicking the circle located at the beginning of the string with the number and train route, and click "Continue". It is located in the lower left corner of the page. Opens a table with detailed information for the selected train. In it you can see the types of cars of trains, their numbers, their availability, their number and type (top, bottom, side) for each car, and also you are interested in the cost of travel, including VAT.
Useful advice
On the website of JSC "RZD" you will also find information about discounts on travel and a flexible schedule of cost of travel by rail for the current year.

Advice 3: How to find cost of train ticket

Travel by train is traditionally popular among Russians because of their relative cheapness. If you need to find out how much a ticket for the desired flight, but there is no way to quickly go to the train station ticket office, use one of the following methods.
How to find cost of train ticket
You will need
  • Phone or Internet access, passport data (for ticket purchase)
Information on fares can be obtained by calling a single information service center of JSC "Russian Railways" number 8-800-775-00-00 (toll-free). E-the answering machine will prompt you to select the desired item help menu by pressing a specific digit of the phone in the tone mode. Provides the ability to receive information through voice menus. To do this, clearly state the date of intended departure and destination points and departure. If you need operator assistance, select the appropriate number.
If you have access to the Internet relevant information easy to find on the official website of JSC "RZD". To view flight schedules and availability of seats in the carriages, it is sufficient to select the section "Passengers", and then enter in a special form desired search parameters.
If you are satisfied with the price and the right place is on sale, you can also purchase a ticket. However, it will have to undergo a simple registration procedure on the website and log in to personal account using login and password. Payment can be made by credit card, but only if its reverse side has a three-digit code card verification CVV2 (CVC2).
Orders paid for you, you can see in the personal Cabinet in section "My orders" in the left menu. Cancellation of order after payment and a refund to the credit card over the Internet is, you will have to go to the railway ticket office. Money for unused tickets are credited to the Bank card which you pay the fare, within one month from the date of refund at the box office.
Please note that booking of tickets through the website is not provided. Also not reregistered already purchased tickets; not issued travel international traffic in foreign countries and visits from third-party carriers.

Advice 4: What documents do I need when buying a ferry ticket

The ferry is a mode of transport like any other. To use the crossing, you will need to buy a ticket. And for that you need to carry certain documents.
What documents do I need when buying a ferry ticket
Those who love to travel or goes on the road for business, are forced to use different modes of transport. To purchase a ticket was not a problem and did not stop the plans, you need to know what documents do I need when buying a ticket for a particular mode of transport. For example, on the ferry.

Ways to acquire a ticket for the ferry

For tourists the easiest way to buy a ticket on the ferry – with the help of the travel Agency. That is, the traveler orders a specific tour, as well as the type of transport (in this case steam) and the tour operators themselves will decide the question of buying a ticket.

In addition, to buy a ferry ticket through the offices of shipping firms. However, this method is not suitable for everyone, because such firms are located in cities that are the starting point for the ferry. And hardly any tourists that start their journey from other cities (or even countries) are first to come to other city to buy the ferry ticket. It is much easier to buy it online.

Way to purchase a ferry ticket via the Internet is considered the most versatile. You need to visit the website of a company that offers tours in the need for the traveler direction. Then use the online calculator you can calculate the approximate cost of the ticket. You need to specify the points of departure and destination, the required class cabins, as well as travel period.

If such a function doesn't know then the cost of the ticket, you can contact the staff by phone or e-mail address. Pay for tickets by credit card, e-wallet or cash through any branch of the Bank. And the port would need only to provide their name and e-ticket number (provided that the tourist travels without transport).

Buying ticket for the ferry in the port

In addition, buy a ticket for the ferry, and the port. But you need to arrive early (2-3 hours before sending) and be in possession of all the necessary documents.

Travelers are not burdened with private transport or having to use a bike, moped, scooter or motorcycle without a sidecar, can go directly to the cashier. Passport or birth certificate, they can buy a ticket and go to the ferry.

Motorists will have to wait on the storage site, while the employee terminal will not be awarded a note or token, which indicates the length of the machine, because it depends on the cost of the crossing. You can then go to the cashier. To buy tickets for the ferry are required to present a passport, passport or birth certificates of all passengers and the registration certificate of the car. On the basis of these documents and obtained the badge, the cashier will determine the freight cost and issue the tickets.

Advice 5: How to return money for railway tickets

Refunds for purchased train tickets is possible only for a certain time before departure of the train. After departure you can return the money within five days, however this will need to provide proof of a valid reason for the return.
How to return money for railway tickets
Refunds for tickets purchased train has specific characteristics that must be considered when making the decision to abandon the trip. In particular, for a refund of the full cost of the travel document, including the cost of seat reservation, you can only rely in case of such request of not less than eight hours before train departure.

If the passenger followed 2-8 hours before departure of the composition, then it will return only the cost of the ticket and half the price of the seat reservation and the other half will be retained by the carrier. Finally, when trying to return a train ticket in less than two hours before departure, you can only rely on the fare, and the total price of the reserved place is kept by the carrier.

Procedure of return of tickets

Many of the passengers wishing to return the money for the purchased train tickets, just don't know exactly where to contact. At major railway stations for such purposes usually creates a special office, which is easily recognizable by name. If this cashier is missing, you can make this request to the regular ticket clerk, who is obliged to return alone or with the help of the administrator.

The passenger must present their own passport and travel document for receipt of funds. When applying for the refund after the train's departure will be required to provide proof of valid reason of cancellation, e.g. doctor's note).

How to get a refund for e-tickets?

Purchase electronic train tickets can be characterized by certain features that should be considered passengers. This ticket has no material carrier, a paper confirmation of purchase is printed out by the passenger independently or obtained directly from the train station.

Only after receiving this confirmation, you can receive a refund by giving the cashier this flyer. The rest of the procedure of refund of e-ticket is not different from the above-described return mechanism of a conventional travel document. It is important to note that when paying with an e-ticket by Bank card, funds will be returned to the same card, and the deadline for such return can be up to thirty days.
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