The calculation of the airticket,Select the flight, then check the international tariff, the company that operates the flights.
Find out the distance from one point to the other flights (in miles) and check the maximum permitted mileage between the points of your journey. If the number of miles allowed is not exceeded, then the cost of the ticket will be calculated in accordance with the rate per mile multiplied by the number of miles. If allowed miles are exceeded, for example, 10% or 20%, you should increase the amount of the ticket on these percentages.
Attention! When you calculate the tickets, you should also consider stay on the route and their duration, as in the case of their existence the cost of the ticket may be increased or Vice versa reduced due to loss of time, and you must also consider the cost of insurance for the flights that should be added to the price of the ticket.
With all this, consider the sorts of discounts provided by the company. So, for example, a ticket will cost you much cheaper if you buy it directly there and back, purchased in the country from which you fly, etc.
Calculation of train ticket,Remember that the cost of a train ticket made up of different things that need to be considered in the calculation. Select a route.
Think of in which car will be your journey, as each type of car has a certain value. Consider whether you will use the trip sheets, as it is a separate cost.
Specify the cost for your itinerary on a specific train for one VAG/km, and then find out the distance from the starting point to the destination. Multiply these two quantities, recognize the value of clean a ticket.
Add to this amount the cost of bed linen (if required), and state fee that is charged if lost or damaged travel documents. Specify this value in help railway station or at the cashier.
Add to these price the cost of booking if the tickets were reserved in advance.
Add the cost of baggage items, in accordance with its weight and size, if available. Add to this amount the cost of insurance for the railway transport, in case you are going to take it.
There is another way of calculating a "clean" ticket on the train. Find out the seasonal factor and the cost of the ticket at the time of purchase. Divide the total amount by the factor and learn "clean" the cost of a railway ticket.