Visit the railway station. Moreover, the location plays no role. For example, if you want to go to Saint Petersburg, you do not have to go to Leningrad station. Information about the availability of tickets you can get at any station. Come to the window for reference and tell the operator the date of the alleged trainKi. It will tell you if there are tickets you are interested in the train.
Use the special terminal. If you want to solve the assigned task without the assistance of an operator, go to the station or to the point of sale of tickets, are equipped with terminals Railways. The presence of terminals in a particular place can be found in the Internet. Type in a terminal the place of departure and destination, select desired date and click the icon "the Availability of tickets". You will see a list of trains. Opposite the number of each trainand will stand the figure, denoting the number of empty seats.
Go to the official Railways website and find the information you need. To do this, type in the search engine "Russian Railways" and click on the link. Once in the main menu of the website, enter in the upper left corner point of departure and destination, and specify the date of the trainkey. Next, click "Find". You will see a list of trains. On the right side are indicated the letters signifying the type of the car: coupe, reserved seats, sessile. Clicking on any of the letters, you will be able to know what the number of vacant seats available in the car.
Visit your nearest point of sale of tickets. There you may be given the information you need. However, please note that purchase of tickets in those locations will cost you more than the station and terminals, Railways.
Please check the departure time of the trainand, in the search of tickets. This will help you to get more information. Most often, the terminals and Internet sites give not the whole list of trains, if not specified the exact time interval.