Book your ticket on any website that sell tickets on-line. You can save money, learn the schedule of flights from your airport and go directly to the website of the company-carrier, which carries your chosen flights. Read the terms and conditions of payment which are stated as a separate item. They allow you to choose the most suitable option of the many we offer. To pay you can either in cash or by transfer from a Bank card or e-wallet.
If you select the option to pay cash, then book your ticket you will have to pay during the day. For this purpose, as a rule, you can use the popular network of payment terminals or contact in the salons of communication. Only after payment and confirmation, specified in the booking e-mail will receive a file containing your ticket.
In the event that when you pay for the cost of the ticket, transferring money from the electronic purse or Bank cards, in just a few minutes you will receive a confirmation of the fact of payment and file with the electronic ticket on your e-mail.
Usually, e-ticket comes as an attachment to the message and the file is ready for printing, format it *.pdf. If your computer is connected to the printer, then turn it on, open the file to view and click "Print". If the printer you have, the file with the e-ticket save on flash media and print it from friends who have a computer and printer or at any photo salon.