You will need
  • - stick to the base;
  • - satin ribbon;
  • glue.
Select a ribbon for making. Your regular satin. It is sold in the departments of "Tissue". Width should be from 4 to 6 cm belt Length depends on the age of the gymnast. To 6 years will be enough, 5 m, for an adult is 6-7 meters. Longer to do, as it will tangle. Color ribbons pick the color of the suit. You can make a multicolored ribbon, connecting together the segments with a different color, but to sew them very carefully, to avoid hard seams and they did not prevent to twist to the resulting canvas.
Use a stick with a diameter not less than 1-1,5 cm It should comfortably lie in the palm. Very thin or, conversely, a thick base will interfere with the interception of one hand to the other. The material for it can be any of: wood, plastic, iron. But it was easy to make the fall not hurt the athlete. Stick length is usually 35 see For a small child can make an exception - to shorten the stick to 25 cm
The edges of the tape. Anneal them a bit oplaviv edge over a candle or a match, so they began to bloom. It will prolong the life of the product. They can be hemmed, but it looks not always beautiful.
Secure the ribbon on the stick with glue. The edge of the tape and spread with glue and wrap around the wand. Press the hands and allow to dry. Depending on the quality of the glue, do not use immediately. Wait until the glue dries. It is recommended to use super-glue. Load the binding will be large, it is necessary that the design has not collapsed.
Secure the tape with a ring of keys. On the tip of the rod, drill a through hole. Through it pass the ring, which usually hang the keys. The tip of the ribbon, fold the 1 cm and sew to the base. In the resulting hole pass the same ring. Such design is convenient, since the same stick can be put on different tapes.
Decorate the wand with a beautiful pattern. Or applique. Stick interesting pictures. But because of the frequent use of sticks, the figure will be erased. It will have to constantly update.
Get professional gymnastics ribbon, if you participate in competitions. Makeshift suitable only for home practice.