When the sensations of fatigue and discomfort in the legs when walking or running, pain in the feet is very useful orthotics. They are an effective solution against pain in the legs that is caused by muscle imbalances and biomechanical defects of the feet.

How do orthotics

Orthotics made individually, taking into account the biomechanical function of the foot and anatomical features. Insoles for different Shoe models must be different.

Homemade orthotics do and are used with varying degrees of success. Those who dare to make such a product with your own hands, you have to understand that flat feet are different, and need different treatment models. Therefore, in the manufacture of orthopedic insoles better to trust the experts.

What can be done from an orthopedic insole in the home

You will need regular insoles that fit the internal size of a particular Shoe. Bare foot put on the footbed, take a pencil and make a mark between the thumb and index finger of the foot. Now make a ball of wool with a diameter of about a centimeter and a half and fix at this point with the help of medical tape.

Take a small roll of bandage is suitable for both sterile and non-sterile. Its width may be 3.5-5 cm, depending on how the leg. It should be put under the foot, the inner side of the arch, where the foot does not touch the insole. We must try as much as possible to choose the place for the fixation of bandages and such its thickness, what will be most convenient.

When you reach the desired thickness and width, the bandage must likewise be secured with the usual plaster. On top of the thus-prepared basis have to stick any thick fabric – good detail, cut along the contour of the insole from old jeans. You can sheathe the details of the contour.

For the second leg of the insole it is necessary to do separately, having done all the manipulations are exactly the same as in the first leg. Such insoles may be moved from one Shoe to another. If the product is necessary for the child and you allow us the opportunity to make for kids homemade insole, this can be called a rather economical approach. Stop the child grows quickly, and individually tailored orthotics are expensive.