Jumping rope is one of the most effective exercises aimed at the development of the inner side of the calf muscles. Start with two-minute workout, gradually increase the duration of exercise on thirty seconds up until the time of the jump does not increase to ten minutes per approach. To achieve greater effect, it is recommended to jump straight out my toes easily. First jumping on both feet, then alternately on each leg separately, change the intensity, avoid monotony. If you do two or three times a week and perform jumps correctly, the result will not keep itself waiting.
Pump up the inner part of the calf you can also use the lifts on the socks. You need to exercise a little elevation – step or the usual stack of books. Socks stand on the platform, the heel should hang without touching the floor. Start slowly to perform upgrades, the gastrocnemius muscle will be maximally loaded. It is possible to complicate exercise and perform the lifts on one leg. Do four sets of fifteen repetitions. Over time, you can increase the number of repetitions and the load, using dumbbells or barbell.
Stand on tiptoes and start small steps to walk around the room, try not to bend the knees. Then lay on the floor Mat and lie on your stomach, try to reach the feet to the buttocks. Do this first with one foot, then the other and then both together. Put your hands on your knees and do a half squat. Begin performing knee joint rotational movement to the right and to the left. In each direction you need to perform at least thirty reps. This exercise not only helps to pump the calf muscles but also to train the knee.
Climb to his floor on foot, forget about the existence of the Elevator (if you live in an apartment building). Stair well coached calf muscles. To pump calf needed running, the load will get almost all the muscles of the legs. Massage the calves to help cope with pain after a workout.