First and foremost, anyone watching their health, people should know that the level of cholesterol in the blood should be checked at least every 5 years. The total level of cholesterol in people with diseases of cardiovascular system and diabetes mellitus should not be less than 4.5 mmol/l For healthy people, the rate of cholesterol should not fall below 5 mmol/L.
In order to check the level of cholesterol, hand over the biochemical analysis of blood in the hospital. A minimum of 12 hours before blood sampling do not eat anything.
In recent time there appeared a special devices that operate on the principle of the portable measuring blood sugar level and which in a domestic environment can determine the level of cholesterol. In order to check the level of cholesterol in such a device is placed in a special strip with the blood. On the widespread use of these devices due to their high cost to speak while early, however, anyone with the means people will always be able to purchase such a device for yourself.
Especially about checking the level of cholesterol it is worth considering those people who are overweight, do not lead an active lifestyle, do not drink daily fresh vegetables and fruits, and dairy products. At risk are those people who constantly cook with grease often include in your diet foods such as cookies, sausage, margarine, canned. Much to think about checking the level of cholesterol costs and those whose age exceeds 50 years and people who have a family or a person with a diagnosis of "type II diabetes".
As for the method of reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood, today the most commonly used medical method. The most common drugs: aspirin, statins, Niacin. Often, doctors prescribe to patients with high levels of cholesterol and drugs to reduce triglycerides, and antihypertensive drugs.