Compatible with air signs

The most suitable partners for men's Weights are considered to be women-Gemini women and Libra. Paired with a man-Weights, they create great partnerships founded on a deep spiritual connection and mutual respect. Representatives of your Zodiac sign male-Libra feel comfortable and confident, as they have the same views on life, love and family.

The Union of Libra male and female Gemini in the beginning of the relationship could be almost perfect. Both of these sign are flexible in mind, changeability and emotionality, therefore, fully understand each other, find many common interests and enjoy spending time together. But astrologers believe that this pair has chances for a long and lasting relationship only if both partners will make to this effort.

Compatible with signs of the fire

Among the representatives of the fire signs of the zodiac Libra is best suited Sagittarius. The man in this Union is all what he seeks in a relationship – understanding, mutual support, warmth and harmony. Between a male Libra and a female Sagittarius is not a conflict, and therefore the life together of this couple will be peaceful and prosperous.

Compatible with earth signs

Male-Libra has excellent compatibility with all earth zodiac signs, but for a serious relationship he is best suited Calf. With a female Calf Weights share a love for earthly pleasures and the ability to enjoy life. The relationship of this couple will be romantic and sensual. With Virgo and Capricorn, it is difficult to find a common language only in the beginning of the relationship, but as partners learn to understand each other, increase their chances of a happy Union.

Compatible with water signs

According to astrologers, the most appropriate man-Libra water sign are Pisces. Both partners are able to accept each other with all merits and demerits, in addition, man-Libra with the fun parts of the creative Hobbies of their choice, so their relationships can be very harmonious and comfortable.

A good pair of men's Weights can also be a female Scorpion that is able to conquer it with its sensuality and passion. It is true that their relationship was long, the Scorpion will have to tame his excessive emotionality and temper, as this will inevitably disrupt the fragile harmony, and it is so appreciated Libra male love relationship.