Advice 1: What Zodiac sign fits the Libra male

Male-Libra wants to see a sophisticated, elegant and at the same time enterprising and determined woman. In a relationship he values harmony and peace, and therefore the best partners for him are the representatives of air, earth and fire element, which Scales the easiest way to achieve mutual understanding. But with some signs of the zodiac of the water element man-Libra also has a very good compatibility.
What Zodiac sign fits the Libra male

Compatible with air signs

The most suitable partners for men's Weights are considered to be women-Gemini women and Libra. Paired with a man-Weights, they create great partnerships founded on a deep spiritual connection and mutual respect. Representatives of your Zodiac sign male-Libra feel comfortable and confident, as they have the same views on life, love and family.

The Union of Libra male and female Gemini in the beginning of the relationship could be almost perfect. Both of these sign are flexible in mind, changeability and emotionality, therefore, fully understand each other, find many common interests and enjoy spending time together. But astrologers believe that this pair has chances for a long and lasting relationship only if both partners will make to this effort.

Compatible with signs of the fire

Among the representatives of the fire signs of the zodiac Libra is best suited Sagittarius. The man in this Union is all what he seeks in a relationship – understanding, mutual support, warmth and harmony. Between a male Libra and a female Sagittarius is not a conflict, and therefore the life together of this couple will be peaceful and prosperous.

Compatible with earth signs

Male-Libra has excellent compatibility with all earth zodiac signs, but for a serious relationship he is best suited Calf. With a female Calf Weights share a love for earthly pleasures and the ability to enjoy life. The relationship of this couple will be romantic and sensual. With Virgo and Capricorn, it is difficult to find a common language only in the beginning of the relationship, but as partners learn to understand each other, increase their chances of a happy Union.

Compatible with water signs

According to astrologers, the most appropriate man-Libra water sign are Pisces. Both partners are able to accept each other with all merits and demerits, in addition, man-Libra with the fun parts of the creative Hobbies of their choice, so their relationships can be very harmonious and comfortable.

A good pair of men's Weights can also be a female Scorpion that is able to conquer it with its sensuality and passion. It is true that their relationship was long, the Scorpion will have to tame his excessive emotionality and temper, as this will inevitably disrupt the fragile harmony, and it is so appreciated Libra male love relationship.

Advice 2 : What zodiac sign fits Taurus

Sensitive and balanced people born under the zodiac sign of Taurus, not so easy to find a pair. Partners of the fire signs they will be eclipsed, water bored, and only the signs of earth and air can become truly family and loved ones for them.
What zodiac sign fits Taurus
Calm romantic Taurus will never consult with family and friends in the choice of its second half, having found her one day, he will bring it to the top of bliss covered flowers, gifts and compliments, completely breaking the defense of the elect or chosen one.

Harmony Zodiac sign

Venus gave these people a passionate love of beauty and harmony, therefore, endowed with an exaggerated sense of beauty, Taureans as charming and varied in their impulses.

The bulls are able to turn your life into real unearthly tale, to show the wonders of imagination in the matter of intimate relations.

Such a warm, cozy, loyal and home Taurus is able to be real tyrants, wanting to protect yourself from fatal mistakes. Insecure and overly sensitive, they do not tolerate the pressure from the side of its second half, are very scrupulous neatness and thrift partner, criticized for unnecessary spending even in the period of maximum love.

A Taurus is better to choose the tactics of restraint and naturalness: if your spouse was born under the sign of Taurus, it is not necessary to force events, press, and especially to focus on their past relationships, responsive and friendly Taurus reciprocate only to people, echoing them in unison in all the issues of life, able to wait. There is a saying: "know the Calf is to give the APR in may to podivat" she perfectly reflects the character of the people-Taurus. They can start in April, but I will finish it only in may, and this does not mean that they are slow rather extensive.

Leash for Taurus

Be thoughtful and considered, because a stable relationship - that's what Taurus is looking for from their partner, which is why Aries and Taurus is the best fit for creating strong family relationships and are constantly seeking rapid and Gemini, trying to break from a familiar spot, not the best suited and domesticated representatives of this sign.

Scorpio the opposite of Taurus can make a good couple with polar sign, able to make concessions for the sake of achieving a harmonious and stable relationship, but claiming the leadership of Aquarius and Leo, rather, would undermine the already shaky egos and demanding characteristic of Bulls. Pisces can become good partners for Taurus, but on the condition that they would not pull the blanket over himself and give the lead partner.
Taurus are proud, but, as a rule, has a significant number of complexes, and therefore partner must be considerate and careful. Just to hurt the Calf, but the cure...

Sentimental owner and homebody Taurus create a great couple with a sign that will be able to offer him a calm and conservative, but not too boring relationship, along with boundless loyalty and understanding will provide some freedom for Hobbies and meeting friends, will give him a new incentive to move forward, however, not too pressing, and not playing his sincere feelings, endlessly appreciating and not causing unnecessary jealousy and doubt.

Advice 3 : What zodiac sign is the most difficult

The zodiac cycle is divided into 12 signs, which are in turn divided into four group of elements: water, air, fire and earth. Each zodiac sign has its own characteristic, in which in detail described the positive and negative qualities.
What zodiac sign is the most difficult
It should be noted that a unanimous opinion about what zodiac sign is the most difficult, perhaps, is not, as each sign is fulfilled and the positive and negative qualities inherent in his owners. However, there is still one sign that they mention with the characteristic of "complex character" is the mysterious sign of Scorpio, which relates to the water element.
Many astrologers unanimously say that the Scorpion is one of the compound characters in which twisted all the qualities, both good and bad, often contradictory and exaggerated. People born under this sign, secretive, choose your social circle carefully, as is always expected some kind of trick on the part of others. Scorpions are sensitive to loved ones, but are constantly analyzing their behavior, external features, if they find even the slightest fault, will be happy to make all the criticism.
By themselves, Scorpios are very stubborn people and achieve their goals in any way, they are not afraid of difficulties, overcome them with hard work and perseverance, so it is among Scorpions so many workaholics who require the same fanatical attitude and from their peers and especially subordinates.
Governs this zodiac sign planet Pluto, so the Scorpions can appear outwardly calm and even cold, but actually they are very emotional and sometimes even unstable. Probably this tendency to disguise, concealing one's own feelings and causes many to think that the Scorpion people, complex, ambiguous.
Scorpions have to have faith in life, on this to build their entire system of values, if it is not, the Scorpions will acquire a penchant for destruction. They often take on the role of leader , "the gray cardinal". They skillfully manipulate other people, thereby quickly and surely paving the way to private happiness. The sign possesses powerful natural charm, which is easy to log in to different group of people, but anyone close to him to keep away.
Friendship for the Scorpions – the sacred, despite the controversy with even very close friends, the Scorpions, like none, true: if a close person needs help, then Scorpio will do my best. But in the destruction of his enemy, the Scorpion will spare neither strength nor the time: they are so touchy that I can hold a grudge for life.
Such a complex and controversial does not always help the Scorpions, because you have to control your emotions is hard enough, besides excessive directness often plays a cruel joke with the star spiders.

Advice 4 : What fits the sign, male Libra

Men born under the sign of Libra often encounter difficulties when searching for a life partner. Libra male often doubt their abilities and making difficult decisions that sometimes makes the selection of a partner for them is almost an impossible task.

Suitable signs

Ideal for men of this zodiac sign — Aries woman. It can completely change the life of the balance, as for its partner, a source of courage and strength. The woman-Aries preserves the individuality of the Scales and receive care.

The female lion is a great partner for men's Weights. They have high compatibility in all spheres of life. It should be noted that in such a pair of leader will be a woman that may lead to certain problems and conflicts. However, if it is not too arrogant, such conflicts eventually completely disappear. Lions and Rams, fit Weights, because they can motivate and encourage the latter to take decisive action.

The Alliance with Aquarius is a very good option for Scales. In this marriage of peace, love, equality and mutual understanding, besides, Libra and Aquarius high sexual compatibility. However, here, as in the case with the Lion, sets the tone for Aquarius, but makes it much softer and more correct.

Weights are not suitable for all

A woman, born under the sign of Taurus, is not an ideal option for couples. However, this Union could be strong enough if Taurus will share the interests of the Weights, but the process should not be one-sided. To make marriage with a female Calf is strong, the Scales you need to learn how to gently direct the energy of your partner in a constructive direction.

Woman-Gemini — another controversial partner for the men's Weights. On the one hand, people born under these zodiac signs are very many points of contact, besides, high sexual compatibility, on the other hand, in such a pair is difficult to achieve a balance, since both Libra and Gemini — dual signs, which are constantly in doubt and anxieties. If the balance is found, such an Alliance can be very strong.

If to speak about the least successful variants of marriage for Libra men, not to say about Virgins. Externally, the Union of Virgo and Libra may look very well, but more often constant quarrels, grievances and conflicts undermine a marriage from the inside. Such quarrels arise because of the corrosive nature of the virgin, her poking and morals, and the indecision and inertia Weights.

Not very suitable for an Alliance and Scorpion woman. Indecision and fear of responsibility on both sides lead to the fact that the partners are not developing and not changing. Marriage for them becomes unbearable, leading to open conflicts and quarrels.

Advice 5 : What is the happiest sign of the Zodiac

All twelve signs of the zodiac are constantly competing with each other, and each tries to prove that he is "most-most". The smartest, most successful, kindest, most responsible, And what sign is the most happy?
What is the happiest sign of the Zodiac

Pisces, Sagittarius, Aquarius

If happiness is to be a highly spiritual man, the spiritually "advanced" signs Pisces, Aquarius and Sagittarius. Pisces definitely have a connection with higher powers, in that they are "helping" Neptune. They can even communicate with God, to have powers of clairvoyants and psychics. Whether these abilities happiness? Possible. Since Pisces is compassionate, can empathize and come to the rescue, like people, likely people answer them the same.

Sagittarius – philosopher and spiritual teacher. His strength is his optimism and ability to inspire optimism in others. For this great quality, make life happier, Archers should thank your ruler Jupiter. Healthy optimism and faith in the future – the necessary prerequisites in order to be happy.

Unconditional and absolute sign of the future, Aquarius. His spiritual power – the ability to break stereotypes. Aquarius can live as he likes. His patron Uranium allows him to go beyond his own "I". He behaves freely and listens to the inner voice, staying free from the influences and conventions of the outside world. Perhaps, freedom is happiness.

Tauruses, Cancers, Capricorns

If happiness is wealth. The most rich of the Zodiac signs are the easiest can become Taurus. He is renowned for ability to earn money because it is an Earth sign, the fixed sign. Taurus is not only can make money, but can accumulate and will never become a big spender. Taurus lives in comfort, delicious eats and surrounds himself with fine things. For many this is a sign of a happy man.

Prone to wealth and also Cancers. They have a strong position, is perfectly able to accumulate wealth and tied to what you have.

Another earth sign – Capricorn. It is not interested in making or saving money, and career growth. Capricorns know how to satisfy their own ambitions which they have so little. They make high achievements and can influence others.

The most-Gemini

Rich both spiritually and materially are Twins. This is a unique sign with optimism, cunning, astuteness, breadth of views. The richness of the Twins is not in money but in ideas. But with these ideas, Gemini may well be successful. Gemini are the luckiest sign. They are always in the right place at the right time. Their natural optimism, cheerfulness and ability to find a way out of any situation gives them the right to be called the luckiest sign of the zodiac.

Advice 6 : What zodiac sign fits the Scorpion

Scorpio is not the easiest sign of the zodiac. He has a complex character, a very clear idea of what is right and what is wrong, therefore, to find a suitable partner for him can be very difficult. We can say that the Scorpion is less and more inappropriate characters.
What zodiac sign fits the Scorpion
For example, a solid Union between Aries and Scorpio is almost impossible because the RAM is constantly satisfied partner jealousy, and rolls his scandals. Such a Union has a future, but only if Aries is able to tame his emotions.
Taurus for Scorpio is too strong personality. Him difficult to look down. This is what gives a chance to this relationship if Taurus would be too stubborn and will not pay attention to the antics of the Scorpion.
Gemini — too insecure sign for Scorpio. In the relationship with the Twins is bright, passionate Scorpio quickly becomes boring.
Cancer is one of the most compatible signs with Scorpio. The relationship between them usually erupt very quickly and last for a long time. Scorpio gives Cancer energy, Cancer and balances your partner.
Leo is too proud and independent for Scorpio. The arrogance of this zodiac sign often becomes a stumbling block, so the relationship between these zodiac signs is rarely cloudless. However, if they find a common language, together can conquer the world.
Virgo — quiet, meticulous sign of the zodiac, which can give the Scorpio confidence in the future day. The relationship between these characters can be successful if initiated by them will be the virgin.
Between Scorpio and Libra rarely develop a relationship of trust. Filled with the energy of Scorpio does not understand the apathy and laziness of the balance. This Union is possible if one of the partners is willing to make concessions.
Between two Scorpios are often fleeting flash and a very rapid novels. Such unions are very destructive in nature, so rarely are for a longer period.
Between Sagittarius and Scorpio can develop a good, solid relationship, if Scorpio get used to the freedom of Sagittarius. Any attempt to impose any restrictions will lead to the immediate collapse of relations.
Quiet bossy Capricorn can be an ideal partner because in a relationship with him, the struggle for leadership and boldness of Scorpio just switch off. However, in this case a very important common interests.
The Union of Aquarius and Scorpio rarely works out well. Optionally, the dispersion of Aquarius irritate the Scorpio, which leads to constant quarrels.
In a relationship with a Pisces Scorpio can feel like a protector, an unusual role for him may be enough to interest this sign of the zodiac that gives you the chance for a strong and long Alliance. If the Fish, this distribution of roles does not like, such relationships quickly disintegrate.

Advice 7 : What man needs a woman-Libra

The woman-Libra – refined and graceful, Flirty and pretty. She dreams that the world was as harmonious as she is. Such requirements makes it and a potential mate.
What man needs a woman-Libra

The woman-Libra: what is it?

Man woman Libra would like to have with me must be aesthetically appealing, greatly enhancing the self-esteem of its Beautiful Ladies. Preference is given to creative individuals: actors, singers, musicians, writers and artists. Apparently Chekhov's "the grasshopper", who loved to surround himself with extraordinary people, was also born under the sign of Libra.

The woman-Libra allows her man to preserve "personal space". She's clearly not one of those who will be checking his pockets in search of "evidence," to read e-mails or SMS messages in his cell phone. One of the main shortcomings of the fair sex who were born under the sign of Libra, is extravagance. Money for them is not an end in itself but only a means to acquire beautiful things.

The woman-Libra is well aware of all the pros and cons of their appearance and knows how to accentuate their strengths and conceal flaws with clothes and makeup. Often she manages to look adorable even in a simple outfit. Usually she is torn between family and career, because he wants to succeed in both arenas.

The most suitable and unsuitable men for women Weights

One of the most suitable partners for women Weights can become a man born under the sign of Aries. In spite of dissimilarity of character, they complement each other and can enter into a long Union.

Harmonious will be the Union between a female Libra and a male Lion. As you know, for both of them an important opportunity to be proud of their companion. At the same time, they not only look great together, but also to feel the psychological comfort of being in each other's company.

Love, romance, and a full understanding will give each other partners, if they were both born under the sign of Libra. Besides, in this relationship, Libra will be able to find that same balance, which they so often lack.

Although Sagittarians and Aquarians do not belong to the signs, is able at first sight to attract the attention Weights over time, relations with the representative of one of these signs can also develop very harmoniously.

But it is not suitable to women Libra men born under the signs of Virgo and Capricorn. With the Virgins they have almost nothing in common, and Capricorn will be constant quarrels over the extravagance of one and the excessive thrift of the other.

Advice 8 : What Zodiac sign Cancer choice

Cancer is one of the most mysterious and difficult signs of the zodiac. People born under this sign are not always easy to agree with the others, so for them it is very important to find a suitable partner among the other zodiac signs.
What Zodiac sign Cancer choice

Good partners

Capricorn — the suitable companion for Cancer, which is important to get some confidence in the next day. The Union of these zodiac signs is not ideal, but Cancer adds romance to life purposeful Capricorn, and that, in turn, makes the lives of Cancer more certain, stable and secure.

For a long term relationship Taurus Cancer suitable. Those born under this sign are surrounded by their partners coziness and comfort, which is very important for the delicate and vulnerable Cancers. These relationships can last a very long time, as these zodiac signs are easy to configure on each other.

Wingman Cancer perfect Leo as a partner. Leo — always a good leader and a great friend, he will support Cancer in all his endeavors. Such a Union may not be too strong, since the emotional instability inherent in Cancer jealousy get bored quickly with the independent lion. However, minimal work on the relationship makes this Union strong enough.

The perfect Union may occur between Cancers and Pisces. The latter are characterized by a high sensitivity and emotionality, but are more purposeful and demanding toward family, relationships and life in General. Fish constantly motivate Cancers some active steps that allows such couples to develop and not to dwell on yourself. Pisces and Cancers understand each other, so such alliances are almost always harmony and love.

Bad options

If to speak about the least successful unions, Cancers do not count on a positive experience with Aries, as this sign of the zodiac characterized by increased stiffness and straightness, which can cause some problems in Cancers.

The relationship between the two Cancers most often are a complicated tangle of problems, and none of the partners is not solved first, at least talk about them.

The twins usually just use the gullibility of Cancers. Libra, with their penchant for noisy companies will deliver silent and homemade Cancers a lot of inconvenience. Scorpions are too aggressive and quarrelsome, making their Union with Cancers unstable. Aquarians and Sagittarians are not suitable for this sign of the zodiac due to pronounced egoism and exclusion, and Cancers is very important to feel the emotions of the partner in relation to itself. Sagittarians are overly pragmatic and dry for Cancers and Aquarians too focused on his personality.

However, the most difficult partner for Cancer is a virgin. Externally, the Union of these zodiac signs usually looks very strong and happy, but the lack of passion undermines it from within, dissatisfaction often leads to quarrels, both of which zodiac sign give not too much importance. The result is Cancer and Virgo can live together very long, experiencing only dissatisfaction with each other.
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