Follicle-stimulating hormone in women is responsible for ovulation and the estrogen. The most accurate indicators of hormonal background can be obtained in mid-cycle, or 3 to 8 day. This hormone is present in men. It promotes the production of testosterone, and maturation of sperm and is responsible for the level of sexual strength to men. Women take an analysis strictly on the respective days on the recommendation of a physician, men – in any day of the month. The analysis seems to early in the morning on an empty stomach.
Analysis of luteinizing hormone women take from 3 to 8 day cycle or from 19 to 21 days. Men any day. The analysis seems to early in the morning on an empty stomach. These two hormones help to determine the cause of infertility.
To determine the level of prolactin, the tests need to pass in the first and second phase of the cycle, in the morning on an empty stomach. Before testing, you should abstain from sex and observe a complete rest. Elevated prolactin levels can cause various pathologies health and prevent the occurrence of pregnancy. In lactating women, prolactin levels are high, as it is responsible for lactation.
Blood to the hormone estradiol can be taken any day of the cycle. The analysis should be taken early in the morning on an empty stomach.
Progesterone test women who are planning pregnancy. The analysis must pass at 19-21 day cycle. The level of this hormone determines the ability of the endometrium to accept the ovum and maintenance of pregnancy.
Testosterone levels test both women and men any day of the month. If a woman has increased levels of this hormone, the pregnancy ends in miscarriage. Low testosterone levels in men may indicate many abnormalities in the body.
The hormone DHEAS is the sulfate test of the couple planning the birth of a child. In a woman's body elevated levels of the hormone prevents pregnancy and its gestation. A reduced level of this hormone in men leads to lack of viability of spermatozoa.
In disorders of the thyroid gland or suspected violations rent a blood test for hormones (T3, T4, thyroid-stimulating hormone, and antibodies to TTG. Tests for hormone levels should be taken on an empty stomach, you cannot drink even water.
Before the blood level Gomonov need to cancel all medications for two weeks before analyses.