You will need
  • Accurate electronic scale and a calculator.
With it, you determine the speed of the metabolism which occurs in human body in the absence of physical load. This is the main exchange of substances. That is, you will receive information on the work of your digestive system at rest and during sleep, when energy is expended only to support respiration, body temperature and heart rate.
Weigh just before falling asleep, after an evening toilet. Physical activity is forbidden, it is impossible to eat or drink. This will be the weight of X. Then weigh immediately after waking up, before the morning toilet. This will be the weight Y.
Determine the magnitude of the main exchangea, which is equal to the difference of these readings. X-Y= your main exchange of substances. Normal value of basic exchangeand must be equal to 500 g.
If the difference between evening and morning weight there is no need to think about your health. You have reduced the main exchange. Pay special attention to the thyroid gland, consult your doctor. In this case, you must comply with the following recommendations:1. Stick to a individual diet, developed by a dietician based on your characteristics;2. You need to eat 4 hours before sleep, because everything is eaten on the night will turn into body fat.;3. Eat small portions five times a day, chew your foods and limit fat intake;4. Move more, run jog, ride a bike, do aerobics and do not forget about power loads;5. Go to the bath and sauna, as the steam heats up the body, opens the pores and stimulates exchange of substances;6. Take a contrast shower, with a gradual decrease in water temperature to 20 degrees, finish it with cold water;