Satellite TV can be paid via credit card. This operation can be carried out automatically each month. For this purpose, the service office and present your passport and Bank card. Complete agreement. After that you register your card in the system.You can also pay by credit card this service via the Internet. Go to the website of the company. Open an account, enter your phone number and password. Next, under "Payment" choose "via Bank card." You need to enter the amount and credit card number.
Satellite TV can be paid for via payment terminals, selecting the name you want providing these services firm and make money. Remember that most often, the terminals keep a Commission.
Satellite TV can be paid online money. Go to your online wallet. Select "Pay" then "Pay satellite TV. Specify the amount.
You can also pay satellite television through Sberbank of Russia. To do this, the cashier name your account number, full name, name of television and the amount you wish to pay. The company also send the receipt of payment. They will present to the savings Bank, nothing more is required. All data will be read automatically by barcode.
Providers of satellite TV will allow you to replenish your account with unlimited amount of funds. If your account has unused money, they can be used to pay for television.