To connect with a satellite TV, determine whether on the wall or the roof of your house to fix a satellite dish to the receiver were sent to the South side. If there are obstacles such as houses and trees that interfere with reception of satellite signals, take care of additional devices to deal with this problem.
Install a satellite dish. Connect the satellite receiver and the Converter, adjust the signal reception, possibly bringing it to 90 – 100% in clear weather. If the signal quality is less, with low clouds and rain, the signal may be dropped altogether, especially TV channels MPEG-4, which are very sensitive to the weather.
Run the cable to the TV, connect the and connect the receiver. After this, insert the smart card into the socket of the satellite receiver and turn the receiver.
Configure the installation of the satellite operator to which you choose to connect ("TV Tricolour", "NTV-PLUS", etc.). After you set up TV and radio stations and check the intensity and the signal quality, call the call center of your operator and ask them to activate the smart card. The activation process takes 2-4 hours.
To connect satellite the Internet, use the services of specialists, as they will do the job faster and safer. But if you decide to connect their own, first set terrestrial channel DialUp or GPRS.
Install and configure DVB card and install the driver (for example, Setup4PC), which comes with a DVB-card. Configure the driver to do so, enter the satellite name, transponder, speed, polarization, provider name. When setting specify whether to configure the proxy connection.
Download from Internet the program GlobalX and configure it. In settings specify the server, port, username, password, and other data.
Configure network connection, install any browser. After that, connect to satellite Internet.