You will need
  • - incubator;
  • - ultraviolet lamp;
  • - candling.
To bring the chickens in the incubator, prepare the fresh eggs. The shelf life of eggs for laying should not exceed 10 days. Store eggs in a cool dark place, pointed end down. If the egg is dirty, it is not suitable for incubation, so as to wash it is impossible.
Before laying eggs, check them by candling. You can lay only fertilized eggs with one yolk correct form, must be present inside the air chamber. Adhering to the shell protein for the incubation is not suitable, since the egg was shocked and the chick is not born, even if it is fertilized. Disinfect trays with eggs with the help of ultraviolet lamps.
Turn the thermostat to a temperature of 37.5 degrees and a humidity of 60%. Pour into bottom water pan. Trays of eggs set only when the instrument will show the specified temperature and humidity. In the incubation period regularly check the tray for presence of water. If she disappeared below the optimum level, pour boiled warm water with a temperature of 45 degrees.
Morning and evening, turn the eggs to conveniently sign sharp and blunt end or always in the morning, turn down the sharp end, in the evening – dull. On day 18 flip the eggs last time, check on the ovoscope and Express down the sharp end to the breeding of chickens.
From the first to the fifteenth day maintain a temperature of 37.5 degrees and the humidity is not less than 60%, from 16 days lower the temperature to 37.4 degrees and increase the humidity to 70%. The entire period of incubation, come to the incubator every 4 hours and check the operation. If the regime will lose more than 4 hours, the chickens won't hatch.
On day 7, examine the eggs at the candling - if the chick is not born, remove the egg. Do the same on day 18 - review and remove any eggs where the chickens have ceased to grow, that is frozen.
At 21 days the Chicks will begin to hatch. 6 hours must hatch all the Chicks if the eggs were laid at the same time.
Give the Chicks time to drain. they are in the incubator. As soon as they become fluffy, move all livestock to the nursery. In a manger maintain a temperature of 32 degrees the first 7 days, and 30 degrees the next 7 days, then each week reduce the temperature by 2 degrees.