You will need
  • - thread the desired number;
  • - the user manual for the sewing machine.
Pick up the necessary color thread. Remember that the lower thread needs to be in 1 room thinner top or, at least, of the same thickness.
Open the slide plate on the machine and remove the bobbin case from the Shuttle. Remove the cap from the bobbin. Sometimes a new bobbin may not be suitable to the existing cap. Check whether it is inserted into the cap. In any case, do not try with force to push it. This can lead to breakage of the spring on the bobbin case cap.
The winder can be located in different parts of the machine, depending on the model, but the principle of the winding bobbin remains the same. Put the flywheel of a sewing machine at idle (the main shaft is disconnected with seal) needle remains stationary during the rotation of the flywheel. Put the bobbin on the winder stem so that the dowel on the rod seated in the groove on the bobbin.
Place the spool of thread on a bobbin rod. The thread from the spool thread between the tension washers. The thread coming from the tensioner needs to cross the one that goes from the coil. The end of the threads with several wraps will secure the bobbin or thread through the hole in the upper disk. Bring the winder to the hook to special emphasis.
A few movements flywheel make sure the bobbin is spinning in the right direction, and the thread is wound. Then spend the winding by rotating a flywheel with a drive.
Follow the spool of thread or lightly hold her hand, because the rapid rotation, the coil may come off from the rod. The winder will stop (otdelnye) when the bobbin winding. However, you can stop winding as soon as in your opinion the thread on the bobbin is enough. Remember, to run a single line is not necessary to wind the bobbin fully.
Take the winder lock and remove the bobbin. Restore the working stroke of the machine.