Start filling manual sewing machine with upper thread. This is the thread, which will run from the coil to the eye of a sewing needle. Raise the presser foot by lifting it up at a special lever. Rotate the flywheel and install it in such a way that the take-up lever and needle will be at the top.
Put the reel on a reel rod. Take the thread end and slide it through the slot of upper thread guide in the direction of the regulator tension of the upper thread. If the thread is not passed through the thread guide, the tension Adjuster it gets at the wrong angle, so be careful at this stage.
Skirting the Adjuster from the bottom, lay the thread between two metal washers. Pull it up and behind the hook of thread guide. And then insert in the loop compensatory of the spring.
Slide the thread into the eye of the lever of vicepresedintele and slide the hook located on the front Board. Guide the thread through the bottom thread guide. Insert the thread from vicepresedintele in the eye of a needle. Pull the thread twenty inches.
Wrap the bobbin thread and insert it into bobbin case. Lay the end of the thread under the spring tension so that left ten inches. Install bobbin case in Shuttle device. Make sure that the lever cap was in its slot. If it is inserted correctly, you will hear a click. Close the valve.
Hold with one hand the end of the thread passed through the eye of a needle, turn the handwheel on itself, so that the needle dropped to the bottom and take the thread coming from the bobbin case. Scroll wheel itself, and return the needle to its highest position. Pull the lower thread through the hole of needle plate. The ends of the threads tuck under the foot and pull back.