Start with the top thread. To do this, place the spool of thread on a bobbin rod.
Of the coil, guide the thread through the upper thread guide to the tension regulator upper thread. Don't miss the thread guide, it provides the entry thread in the Adjuster a certain angle.
Gently pull the thread between the washers of the tension regulator, trying to round it from the bottom.
Start the thread behind nettabrielle hook up.
Now thread into the eyelet of the compensation spring.
Pass the thread in the eye of the thread take-up lever.
Guide the thread through both the lower thread guide and pass the needle from the long groove. Upper thread is threaded properly.
Now tuck the lower thread. To do this, take the bobbin case and insert the bobbin with thread. Hold the bobbin so that the thread end down in the opposite direction from the oblique cut cap and closer to the inner cheek of the bobbin.
Pull the string through the oblique incision in the direction of the clamping spring, and then in a small incision at the end of the spring. The clamping spring while pulling the threads to move should not.
Try to pull the end of the thread to ensure correct threading. She needs to get out of the bobbin case with a fairly easy bobbin while rotating freely, never touching. The bobbin thread is threaded properly.
Left to pull up the lower thread out. To do this, turn on itself, flywheel, gently holding the upper thread coming from the eye of a needle, but do not pull it. The needle and thread down into the hole in the needle plate, hook lower thread and again rises to the top. Now pull the upper thread at the end to make the lower stretched surface of the through hole in the needle plate. The ends of both strands should look at 1-2 cm Lay them under the presser foot.