You will need
  • - sewing machine;
  • - spool of thread;
  • - bobbin
Wind thread on a bobbin. To do this put on the main rod at the top of the machine, spool of thread and an empty bobbin on the second rod, which may be located at both the top and bottom. Screw the end of the thread on the bobbin. Then disconnect the handwheel of the sewing machine and spin it until the bobbin is the required number of threads.
Lift the presser foot of the machine, put in the upper extreme position of the needle and lever nicaruagua. Thread the upper threadthat goes from the coil, is passed through several devices and then inserted into the eye of a needle.
Put the spool of thread on the rod, which is located in the upper part of the machine. Stretch the thread to the thread guide – groove located at the rear of the sewing machine. Then, move it to the device called a regulator of a tension of the upper thread.
Guide the thread between the washers of the regulator, go around it from the bottom. Wind the thread over the wire hook on one of the goals of the regulator. Then send it to one hook, located closer to nicaruagua. Start a thread in the hook.
Guide the thread into the hole of nicaruagua through the yarn guides, which are located near the needle. Then, insert thread into the eye of a needle from the side, which is a long groove. The top thread is threaded properly.
Fill the bottom of the thread. Take the bobbin case and the bobbin, hold it so that the end of the thread down in the opposite direction from the oblique cut cap and was closer to the inner side of the bobbin.
Thread through an oblique incision to the clamping spring, and then in a small incision at the tip of the spring. Gently pull the tip of the thread to check the correctness of its filling. If the thread comes out easily, the bobbin spins freely all is done correctly. The bottom thread was made.
Pull the bottom thread out. Turn yourself flywheel (don't forget to connect it), holding the top thread. Needle and thread will fall into the hole of the needle plate, and hooking the lower thread, again rises to the top. The ends of both lines should look out for about 1-2 cm.