You will need
  • - sewing machine;
  • - bobbin;
  • - threads;
  • - the bobbin case.
Vertical Shuttle more common, it is used in industrial and cheap cars. To fill on the sewing machine Shuttle, you need to wind thread on the bobbin. To do this, swipe the thread through the winding mechanism, slide the thread into the hole of the bobbin, make a few turns manually and set the bobbin on the pin. Switch the device to spin yarn and turn on the sewing machine.
The bobbin wound with thread into the metal insert the bobbin case so that the thread it was going clockwise. Pull the thread into the slot of the cap, then slide it under the leaf spring and remove in the ear, pull the end of thread, length 10 cm
If you want to strengthen or weaken the tension of the lower thread, turn with a screwdriver the screw on the bobbin case cap and check the thread tension. It should not go too loose, not too tight and allowed the pulling of the thread, otherwise it will break during stitching.
Insert the vertical Shuttle in the Shuttle device with the tail up, so it fits snugly into the groove. Scroll through the flywheel to the top thread to catch the thread from the Shuttle, pull both threads to the foot of the sewing machine.
How to make on the sewing machine Shuttle
The horizontal Shuttle vertical more comfortable and differs from it in the fact that the bobbin is inserted from the integrated Shuttle. Through the transparent window you can always see how much thread left on the bobbin. The tension of the lower thread in a horizontal Shuttle takes place automatically.
All you need to do to run the sewing machine hook is to open the lid of the platform and insert the bobbin in from the top then close the lid. Winding thread on the bobbin takes place without removing the fabric from under the presser foot and remove the thread from the needle. During sewing the thread from the spool will hit the road, he would not allow her obfuscation and will make the ride quieter.
How to make on the sewing machine Shuttle