You will need
  • - sewing machinemake Singer;
  • - thread bobbin.
Purchase or pick up from existing stocks of the threads of the required thickness. To work with fabrics of different thicknesses and textures require different threads. For example, for sewing of articles of woolen and denim using thread No. 10 or No. 20. To know what number of sewing threads that correspond to the different fabrics, from tutorials on sewing or just ask the salesperson at the fabric store.
Rewind from the spool of thread on the bobbin. To do this a couple of times, wrap the thread around the spool, secure the spool on the special lever near the wheel and depress the actuator. In old machines "singer" in the winding of the spool of manual or treadle. Filling machines Singer in General coincides with a similar procedure in the models of other brands.
First pass the upper thread. Place it into the thread guide, then pass it between the tension washers regular. Next, start the thread behind the hook on the washer controller, and guide it to the opening of nicaruagua. Secure the thread on the hook above the needle and pass it into the eye of a needle. Leave the free end of a length of about 15-20 cm.
Fill the lower (Shuttle) thread. Open the plate in the sewing platform and pull the latch cap to the bobbin. Insert the bobbin into the cap so that the direction of the thread coming from the bobbin, coincided with the direction of the slot in the cap. Pull the thread through the slot on the cap and pull the tip with a length of 10-15 cm, Insert the bobbin case into the slot. The cap should snap into place and locked with a distinctive easy click. Tightly close the record.
Pull the bottom thread. Holding the end of the upper thread, turn the wheel and lower the needle. When lifting the needle will pull a thread from spolecznego cap. Start both threads behind the presser foot. Now the machine is fueled and ready to work.