You will need
  • appropriate tissue number (size) of threads and the number (size) used for working needle.
Take the working reel of thread and put it on the reel seat.
Thread the end of the thread through the holes or hooks of the threading guides (it is important that the axis of the reel seat was aimed directly at the thread guide, otherwise possible breakage of lines or the deterioration of the quality of the stitch).
Pass the thread through the tensioning mechanisms: in the sequence will go first through the yarn guides that divert the thread during operation of the machine, then through those that attract (some models of sewing machines this is one mechanism).
Now skip the thread through the eye of a needle.
After all the above steps enter the thread in the hole of the loopers (or two or one). Ensure that the thread was aimed in the direction of movement of the fabric.
When the threads are tucked under the previous recommendations, you need to bring them under the presser foot to the left, holding hand over foot until the first stitches. If dressed with one thread (when open), then display it under the left foot is not necessary. You can just turn the pulley, make a few stitches on the finger of the conical clamping part and to do the stitching on.