Prepare a foot-operated sewing machine to work. When threading the machine, which is moved by feet, be extremely careful. Keep your foot on the pedal cars: random press on the pedal can cause injury to the hands engaged in the threading. Set the needle to its highest position, moving the quill wheel. Pressure foot lift lever hoist. Of coil rod install in the appropriate hole.
Prepare threads of the desired color, a properly chosen their numbers. Remember, the bottom thread need to take one size smaller top. Place the spool of thread on a bobbin rod. Pull the thread to check whether it is easily unwound. If the thread will not unwind from the spool, it may break.
From the coil, pull the thread to the thread guide, then pass it between the washers of the tension regulator. Find out whether the thread passed through the washer, by clicking that you will hear in this case. Next, pull the thread to nettabrielle the spring and the hook, after which it needs to get to the take-up lever. Tuck the thread into the thread guide on osloboditelen. Pass thread the needle.
Pull the string to either side to check whether it does not cling anywhere. Hangnails poorly polished details can cut the thread. Not worth much to pull the tucked in thread: can break the needle.
Fill bottom thread. Remove the cap from the spool, pulling the plate. It is easy to pull out of the hook by pulling the latch. The bobbin with the thread insert in cap. Pull the thread through the slit and Welt a spring located on the bobbin case cap. Free leave a small end of the thread. Install bobbin case in Shuttle rod until it stops. A click will signal proper fixation of the cap. Proper installation of bobbin case will be accompanied by a small podprygivaya.
Pull the bottom thread to the top. To do this, lower the needle to its lowest position, slightly holding the upper thread. Raising the needle, the lower thread in the form of loops are at the top. Swipe both threads under the presser foot. Foot sewing machine made.