You will need
  • - sewing machine
  • - scissors
  • - threads
Before you fill a thread in a sewing machine, you need to check the quality of the needle you want to sew. To do this, put the needle with the flat side on a flat surface. The clearance between the needle and the surface must be constant, which indicates straight needle. If the needle is bent or blunt, it is better not to use it in order to avoid breakage of the machine.
Then you need to pull the bobbin rods to hold spools of thread that the thread is not dragged into the car. At the beginning of the rods pulled up at the end of their need to drown down.
Wind thread on a bobbin. To do this, disconnect the fly-wheel, guide the thread through the guide wire winder, thread the thread through the hole in the bobbin and put the bobbin on the rod. The bobbin must be moved to the right to get in contact with the centrifugal wheel and was spinning, reeling the thread. Then you have to press the pedal to wind thread on the bobbin. After the bobbin is wound, stop the machine. Rod winding slide to the left, flywheel plug back to sewing.
Insert the bobbin into the bobbin case, pull the thread into the slot of the cap, pull it under the tension spring and into the abalone feed. The thread should pull about 10 cm.
Upper thread refueled in the following manner. Nettabrielle lift lever in the highest position with the flywheel. Then raise the presser foot and place the spool on the rod. Thread should otmelivaetsja rear coil.
Pass the thread into the upper thread guide. While holding the thread near the spool, slide it down into the tension area and then around a spring holder. Then pull the thread up and thread it through the take-up lever from right to left.
It remains only to bring the thread down, pass it through the lower thread guide, pass it through the needle thread guide and put the thread in the needle eye from front to back.