To delay the growth ofa beard affect how genetic disorders and internal diseases, particularly endocrine and gastrointestinal. Also deteriorating growth of beard damage hair follicles or from a lack of nutrients in the body. Therefore, first consult your doctor and find out the reason of weak growthand stubble. If the examination did not find abnormalities and you are not treated, then apply a popular way to improve growthand beard.
Regularly do a hydrating mask. They help to strengthen the follicles. Especially useful burdock oil, which was infused red pepper.
Rubbing a hydrating mask, and simultaneously perform a light massage of the chin. It enhances blood circulation and increases the flow of nutrients.
Take care of your beard. Do not use to care for her Laundry soap, soda and other alkali. They destroy the structure of the hair, and the hair becomes much thinner, reduced strength, deteriorating the elasticity of the hair.
Shave a little more often. The frequency of shaving hair will not grow faster, but a short stubble looks darker and seems thicker.
Eat more vegetables and fruits. Useful cheese, cottage cheese, nuts, oats. Such products contain calcium, magnesium, zinc, silicon, iodine, which promote the growthof hair.
Exercise regularly. Go to the gym, run in the morning, exercise, pull up on the bar. After all, following intensive exercise, the body tries to replenish hormones that can accelerate the growth of beard.
Regularly have sex. This changes the level of testosterone in the blood and promotes the growth ofthe stubble.
If these methods do not help, then contact to the doctor-andrologist. The long absence of the beard and other hair on the face can often be due to a delay in the development of your body.