You will need
  • Internet-ISP, Internet connection
The easiest way is to ask your system administrator (if you're at work or call your Internet provider if you are at home.
If not, click "start". In the opened menu choose "control Panel" (in Windows XP for this you first need to click "Settings").
Select "Network and Internet Connection" (may be called "control Center network and sharing" depending on Windows version).
In the new menu, select "Network connections" or "Manage network connections" (again, depends on the version of Windows in Windows 7 it may be called "Change adapter settings").
There you will see the type of your connection. For example, PPPOE (broadband connection) or PPTP (VPN).
Another possible option - click on the icon of Internet connection (typically located immediately to the left of the volume icon in the bottom panel). Click on the icon once. The first line displays the network to which you are connected, and the second - type connection. If you need more detailed information - click on the inscription at the bottom of the window menu opens, in the left pane click "Change adapter settings".
If you require additional information, such as your IP address, this can be easily find on specialized sites. Enter a search query: "my IP". The websites will be displayed first or second place in search results. There you can find a lot of additional information.