You will need
  • 1) provider Directory
  • 2) the Internet (you can surf the Internet at work, at friends, in an Internet café).
The first way is not objective.
Inspect your porch inside and out. Look for the ads that would indicate that your house set online from such a provider. Information can be located on the box attached to the wall in which the provider hid the wires. Talk to the neighbors. Perhaps they have already connected the Internet in my apartment.
The second way is the objective.
First decide with the provider. Find out which firms are connected in your city/area. Then learn about the technology on which they work, and prices. Today there are several technologies for connecting to the network the Internet. Her choice may depend on your needs (what you'll use the Internet) and costs. All the information about the ISP can be read directly by calling our firm. For convenience, first read it on the website of the company, and then, if you have any questions, call us.
On the website of the company, as a rule, you can immediately know whether you have connected your home to the global network. Every organization has its own corporate style, which made the website. Therefore, there are no uniform rules by which you will find this information. Should be a link on the main page. At this link you will either see a list of addresses that you want to visually see, or will appear in the search string. Type in your address, following the instructions of the site, and click "find" or "Enter". Instead of "find" may be a similar word ("search", "search", etc.) or the magnifying glass icon.