You will need
  • computer;
  • - the Internet.
Inspect your porch. Providers hang signs or ads from their advertising on the doors of homes, in elevators, on Bulletin boards and walls of the stairwell. Sometimes leaflets with contact details can be found in the mailboxes.
If such ads is no need to learn about each provider separately. In the Internet you can find directories of companies providing their network. To see if a particular provider is with your house, very simple. Just call or visit the website. Sites often publish coverage maps.
Another easy way is to ask neighbors, friends or on the forum of his district on the Internet. This is especially effective if you are going to connect to the local network.
Large operators do not place their ads in every home. They can connect to the Internet in virtually any building in the city. This files most often connect to the Internet through them. Information about these operators, taken from the media. In addition, they call up their potential customers. However, a home network, these providers do not provide.