Advice 1: How to find data provider

To define the details of your provider, review the documents you were given when you connect to the Internet. If documents do you have in stock, go to special sites.
How to find data provider
You will need
  • - a contract with a provider;
  • computer;
  • connection to the Internet.
Take the paper given to you by your ISP. As a rule, two or three pages of your contract with him. After the transfer of the obligations of the parties and the special conditions there is an item that sounds like "addresses and requisites of the parties". It spelled out the full name of the provider, its legal address, taxpayer identification number, OKPO, actual address, telephone, Fax, email and address in a network. In the column "representative" included data on the full organization name, legal and actual address, INN, OKPO, email address and website on the Internet.
If you do not have a contract with the provider, you can view information about it on the Internet, just having a browser and network access. Go to the website The website will display a few parameters: your IP address and ISP, the information on the browser and the system information browser. You need to look for the information about the provider. There will be entered the IP address, city and full name of the company. On this website you can test your Internet speed. Click on the link and click the "check speed". After a couple second resource will give you information on the speed of your Internet connection.
Click on the link and you will receive full information about the IP-address or domain. Click the blue check button and the system will give you the necessary information about the provider.
Page speed tester will give you all information about your IP-address, name and the city where the provider is located.
If you click on the link you will immediately receive information about the country, browser, your operating system, the range of Ah-PI addresses are provider and phone.

Advice 2: How to find a legal address at the INN

When registering your organization, a prerequisite is the formulation of its tax accounting. To this end, the management firm must provide to tax authorities the following content: organizational Pravovoy form, the name, legal and actual address, information about administration of the composition, etc. All the data registered in the unified state register of taxpayers, after which the organization was assigned that in the future you can get the necessary information about the company, including its details.
How to find a legal address at the INN

Search engines

To know the address of the organization at the INN perhaps online through search engine. You need to specify in the search string Yandex or Google ID. The search result will be found links to third-party database, where in addition to the legal address, you can find the registration data of enterprises, information about the founders, financial performance and various events related to the activities of companies. This method of finding ' suitable only for legal entities. If necessary domicile is issued on an individual entrepreneur, then this method of search is unlikely to yield results.

The unified state register

Free information about organizations can be found in the electronic databases of the tax authorities, posted on the Internet. The unified Federal register of legal entities posted on the official website and is freely available. This resource implemented advanced search, where you can find the legal address of the organization by its name or by INN. The disadvantage of this site is that the information is available only to legal entities.

The legal address of companies, regardless of their organizational-legal forms can be found on the official website of the Federal tax service The search is carried out according to two criteria: "Legal person" and "Individual entrepreneurs/peasant". To search for information you must specify one or more of the known data:
- Bin or INN;
- name of organization or name of individual entrepreneur;
- region location or place of residence.
In practice, legal and actual address of the legal persons often do not coincide. The individual entrepreneurs as the legal address is the address of the residence of the entrepreneur.

Extract from the state registry

Details of the organization, including legal address, are available upon request to the tax office. Within five days the tax authority is obliged to provide a statement in writing obtained from the unified state register of legal entities or individual entrepreneurs (EGRUL or egrip).
Jur. individuals INN is assigned at registration in the tax Inspectorate. If the sole proprietorship is used INN natural person. Therefore in tax accounting used 2 databases: the register and egrip

This service is available for a fee. For statement should refer to any tax authority by writing in any form and attaching the payment receipt. Standard statement will cost 200 rubles, but the urgent request to be granted no later than the next day after the submission of the application, will cost 400 rubles.
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