You will need
  • - a contract with a provider;
  • computer;
  • connection to the Internet.
Take the paper given to you by your ISP. As a rule, two or three pages of your contract with him. After the transfer of the obligations of the parties and the special conditions there is an item that sounds like "addresses and requisites of the parties". It spelled out the full name of the provider, its legal address, taxpayer identification number, OKPO, actual address, telephone, Fax, email and address in a network. In the column "representative" included data on the full organization name, legal and actual address, INN, OKPO, email address and website on the Internet.
If you do not have a contract with the provider, you can view information about it on the Internet, just having a browser and network access. Go to the website The website will display a few parameters: your IP address and ISP, the information on the browser and the system information browser. You need to look for the information about the provider. There will be entered the IP address, city and full name of the company. On this website you can test your Internet speed. Click on the link and click the "check speed". After a couple second resource will give you information on the speed of your Internet connection.
Click on the link and you will receive full information about the IP-address or domain. Click the blue check button and the system will give you the necessary information about the provider.
Page speed tester will give you all information about your IP-address, name and the city where the provider is located.
If you click on the link you will immediately receive information about the country, browser, your operating system, the range of Ah-PI addresses are provider and phone.