Advice 1: How to find out your default gateway

The connection between the computer and any node in another network is usually via an intermediate device - a router. This device when using TCP/IP Protocol called the default gateway. How to determine the default gateway of your computer?
How to find out your default gateway
There are several ways, one of them is to look in the properties of the network connection. For that you need the main menu (start button) go to "settings" and select "Network connections". In the opened window, locate the tab for your current network connection and right-click the mouse. In the appeared menu you have to select "Status". This will open an information window in which you would go to the tab "Support". The bottom line on this tab, you will see the IP address of the default gateway of your computer on the network.
Another option is to use a standard utility ipconfig. It is managed from the command line, so first you need to run the terminal command prompt. To do this in the main menu (start button) need to select "Execute", which will open the dialog box "Run" (you can access it by pressing shortcut keys WIN + R). In the input box type "cmd" (without the quotes) and click OK (or press Enter). Open a terminal window where you'll type in "ipconfig" (without the quotes) and press Enter. The utility will detect and show the parameters of all the current connections to your computer, including IP address of the default gateway.
It should be borne in mind the fact that when your computer is connected to an external network via a router, the default gateway for the computer is an internal gateway of the router. Therefore, if you want to know the IP address of the default gateway of the Internet service provider, then you need to connect your Internet connection directly to the network card of the PC, bypassing the router. And you can do without it - just call the tech support of your ISP and ask this question.

Advice 2 : How to find the Internet gateway

If you want to know the address of the gateway, whereby the Internet connection, or to understand the other connection settings, you need to follow below algorithm.
How to find the Internet gateway
You will need
  • computer;
  • - contacting the helpdesk of your provider;
  • - the following guide
The first and most reliable way to know the connection settings of a network is to contact support of your provider. This data can be useful when you first set up the computer connection to the Internet.
If your connection works and gets the settings automatically, you can recognize them in the following way: click "start" on the desktop, from the main menu, select "Run".
Type cmd, hit OK. In the opened command prompt window type ipconfig /all .
On the displayed list of settings, look for the line Default gateway (translates as "default gateway"). Address, standing in front of this string is the address of your gateway.
There are other ways to learn the gateway address. For example, you can see it in the properties window, connect the network card of your computer to the Internet. To do this, open the main menu of the computer "start" button, find "control Panel" and under "setup" click the line Network connections.
You will see a folder with shortcuts to all created connections. Find the current and call its shortcut menu. Select the "Status" window will open with information about the Internet connection. Select the tab "Support". The address of the default gateway of this connection placed on it in the bottom row.
If the Internet connection is not directly, but through a router (router), default gateway of your computer to perform this router. Then obtained by the method described above address will be his address for the internal network. In order to circumvent this obstacle, it is necessary to connect cable Internet connection to your network card on your computer directly, or contact the helpdesk of your provider and specify the default gateway address.
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