If you are using a DialUp connection (Internet), you can be sure that your current IP address is dynamic. Even if for a few hours, or even days he will not change the organization of DialUp connections, the absolute majority of Internet service providers is such that it does not use static IP addresses for this kind of connections.
Another very reliable method of determining the static nature of your connection - see the appropriate level in the contract with the provider. Providing a static IP address is nearly always a paid service, so it is reflected in the contract for the provision of services. If you have access to online statistics, you can see the mark there. For example, to find out in your "personal office" Beeline, we must first go to the tab "Internet" and then click the link "Manage services". In the section "Available for connection services" is the corresponding row of the link ("Permanent IP address") and you can see paid for it. If desired, you can click this link and connect or disconnect.
To the above two you can add only one fairly reliable way to determine the type of your IP address - just call the support phone your provider and ask this question.
All other methods of determining accuracy are fifty-fifty, at best. You can see your current IP address in the connection properties, then disconnect from Internet and connect again. If the address in the connection properties will change, it will mean that you have it dynamic. But if you stay the same, it does not mean that it is static - if you are using a router, then the address in the properties will always be the same, because it is "internal" IP address, not the one that is used to access the Internet. Even if you are not using a router equipment provider assigns an address based on the current load on the lines, i.e. you may be given the same address for several hours, days, or even months. But he will remain dynamic, meaning that guarantees for any of the following connect to a network.