You will need
  • Phone, list of providers, cities, computer, Internet, a box of chocolates.
Walk the floors, if you already live in this house. As a rule, the providers that support this building, do regular mailings with offers to connect with information about rates. Their leaflets dropped in mailboxes or attached to the front door and on the floors.
Follow where the wire goes from your apartment, if it is already connected to the Internet. As a rule, to provide broadband access to doorways must be a shield or special boxes, to which cables are. Often they are attached stickers with the name of the provider.
Ask neighbors younger. They can give information, what services were offered in the house.
Please contact the management company. However, there is no obligation to give such information, especially if you are not the owner of the property. Try to establish personal contact, make a nice compliment to the employee. Give her a small gift and ask them to help foolish the question - who is the provider in this house. If you have a talent for communication, this option is not working for you.
Armed with a list of providers that can provide services in the area or in the city, and planned to call them service to work with clients. If companies use call centers, go to the operator and find out whether you are connected to the Internet so-and-so address.
Ask your provider via the Internet, if you have the apartment already has a connectivity. You can use one of the websites offering set of WHOIS information. The definition of your IP address and ISP using a special Protocol. As a rule, simply click the button "Start", "Start" or similar. To determine if the provider you are required to enter the IP address, go to the service "Yandex" - and you will determine it automatically. Enter the information and get a grasp of the results of its processing. There will be the name of the company.