To test connectionsthat are on your personal computere, go to the folder "Network connections". Here you will find all information about the connected network and local devices, LAN printers, used groups and more. Click the shortcut "My computer" on the desktop. Next, select "control Panel". Locate the shortcut called my Network places. If it's not on the left side click on "Switch to classic view".
Now click "Show all connections". After that there will be different labels. If your computer is connected to the local network, there will be a shortcut called "Local network". It is also worth noting that will be written next to "Disconnected" or "Connected". If you want to know when your computer connects or disconnects local network proizvodite some settings.
Right-click on the icon for "Local area network". Select the tab "Properties". Check the box next to "When connecting show icon". Now you will know. The modem can also check in the tab "Network neighborhood". The shortcut settings is usually located in the menu "high speed Internet" or "Remote access". It all depends on the type of provider.
Technologies such as wi-fi and Bluetooth can also browse the menu. This compound named as "Wireless network connection". Disconnection and connection is usually made by hot keys. However, to access the Internet you need to look for a special access point. They are open, i.e. without a password, and is fully closed so that unauthorized persons are unable to penetrate the network.