It would seem that we all know about ourselves, and that's enough. But sometimes we need to tell about yourself to others. When this is happening? For example, when you get a job, go to any institution or to write about themselves for the recruiting office. What to tell about yourself in the biography to provide in the military?
First of all, in any autobiography, you need to specify the surname, name, patronymic, date and place of birth. For example: "I, Ivanov Peter Sergeyevich, was born in 02.02.1982 year in the city of Samara".
Then you need to specify information about your family (parents, brothers and sisters). For example: "My parents have higher education. They are constantly working on the defense of the state enterprise. Our family is large (three children). I have two minor brothers".

If the parents are disabled, retired or participants of military actions, write about it.
Then you should write what school you graduated from, when did learn and how much he studied. For example:

In 1989 he enrolled in grade 1 of MOU SOSH № 21 g. o. Samara, where he studied for 11 years.

Is to point out the success while learning to celebrate your participation in the Olympiads, sports competitions, report sections you've visited.

Please note when compiling his autobiography on priorities in academic disciplines (what subject in school seemed particularly interesting) and your achievements. If you have the title of candidate master of sports or judo belt, etc., mark this. For example: "while learning in school, especially fond of sports, participated in competitions on the city level, field collecting, occupied prize-winning place (specify what and when)".
In his autobiography, you need to tell us about your relationship with the team during training, that you are a peaceful person, easy to tie Dating new people (to adapt to society), or Vice versa.
If after graduation, you have continued to study, please indicate this. Don't forget to mention in his autobiography in any situation related to your health condition (if any). For example, you had surgery, injuries or.
If you graduated a driving school and have the right to specify (do not forget to tell category). Perhaps you have a culinary education (school, courses), note that in the autobiography.
Write if you have police was not whether you are on the register of the inspector on Affairs of minors in school, and whether you have any bad habits. You can communicate your preferences. For example: "I'm interested in technology, you know the structure of the machine, you can troubleshoot the car."