Like every other document, write the characteristics on a standard sheet of A4 using a pen with black or blue ink. In the middle of the sheet write the word "characteristic" in the title indicate the student what class is the boy, the school, the city, his name, initials.
Give General information about the student, enter the surname, name and patronymic, date of birth, nationality, passport. List the composition of the family: surname, name and patronymic of the father and mother, brothers and sisters, date and place of birth, nationality, education. Note, if the family lives together, how financially secure, whether there was mental illness and not suffering from any of the family members with alcoholism.
Write about how this student is Mature and politically conscious civil, asked whether events in the world, and how well their estimates. Note his participation in sports and other competitions, contests, social activities and events. List the sections in which he is engaged.
Tell us about how a young man learns what courses attended or attending. List the subjects for which it has evaluation "excellent", "good" and "satisfactory", select those to which he has a special interest.
Describe the attitude of the comrades of the collective class. Tell us how he is active and does authority do they listen to his opinion, what relationship is given to the student teachers.
List of its individually-psychological qualities, how it is Supervisory training, as well developed memory and reaction how to behave in difficult situations, whether he could gather or to take responsibility for themselves. Note how he coordinated and able to control himself, what kind of relationship in the family. Tell whether the student bad habits, consume alcohol or smoke, was there a police record.
Make General conclusions about a student, write about how fit does he, in your opinion, for military service, specify the recommended branch. Specify that the feature is given to provide to the military enlistment office.
Sign characteristic of the class teacher, headmaster and teacher of mathematics. Sign the document and verifying the signature seal of the school.