You will need
  • paper;
  • - handle;
  • computer;
Specify your surname, name and patronymic, write the year and place of birth. Can specify the address at which you are registered at the moment. If you are required a literary autobiography, you can start with a small story about the place where you were born. Maybe this place has some legends or notable events in the history of the country. Remember them, do you feel a connection with them, with a place in which you were born.
Write a few words about their parents. In a conventional autobiography (more like summary) this is not required, but literature would not be amiss to mention parents. Especially if they are also connected with the case, which you want to study. You might be the future representative of the labor dynasty. It's worth mentioning.
Be original, especially if you go on creative specialty. At least don't start your biography with "I was born...". For example, list first few events that happened in the world in the day of your birth. Who of interesting people born with you in one day? Why do you think the day of his birth is not accidental? Think about it.
Get the scoop on your family tree, maybe you can find a lot of interesting facts about the history of his family. And for host your documents people it will characterize you as a person interested in their roots.
Be sure to write a little bit about your character. Here, too, be original. Do not limit yourself to a simple listing of the different qualities of your personality. You can take each one and analyze what it brings you. For example, "Since childhood I was very restless, so, I guess I never came out of the pianist. Music school I visited twice. The first time passed the entrance exam. Second - when me for my absences together with her mother was summoned to the Director. Mom was upset, and I finally played football..."
In order to create a good literary autobiography, imagine that you write a short story about his life. Remember more the funny and bright moments of my childhood. Keep a confident, ironic tone. Kidding. Your autobiography should be read as a fascinating story, and not as an ordinary boring summary.
Marshall the facts of the biography so that they lead the reader to the fact that the only option was admission to the faculty.
Let the reader of the autobiography will understand that a man with such a way of thinking, living mind, sense of humor, self-irony need to study in this University and nowhere else. Create in his autobiography an attractive image of yourself. Admission should be fascinated and intrigued by your personality.
Do not turn an autobiography into a dry statement of facts. Especially if you go the University. Avoid tediousness, bombast, pretentious philosophical tone. State is easy, use the-irony. For the reader of your autobiography you must appear like a smart, unobtrusive, but a serious source.
About itself to speak difficult, when people try to talk seriously - it can become unbearably boring. Be easier and more fun.
Don't forget to say a few words about why you come to this faculty. If it's creative University, specify which creative projects would you like to implement in the course of the study.
If you're studying to be a theater Director, list of playwrights that inspire you with their works. If you are a future actor, list of actors who you consider masters of their craft, etc.