You will need
  • literary sources on the topic of your research;
  • - Internet;
  • computer;
To learn the maximum amount of literature on the subject, which is going to write a research paper. To do this, visit the library. It is best to use original editions.
Try to refrain from the use of only electronic books. They can be scanned without essential illustrations, charts and graphs.
After examining each source, make a small outline, which will present the main content of the book read. Can make a special notebook in which will be during the literature study, write citations and necessary for your work theses.
Start work on literary review in advance. It can go in several stages. First, pick the order in which should be submitted to the literary sources in your research. It depends on the logic in which you develop your own arguments on a chosen topic.
Use the chronological principle and build the acquaintance with the history of the issue in chronological order. Describe what views on the problem, study you existed, how they evolved. Name the main representatives of scientific thought, who have worked on this issue, what they have achieved in their studies, reasoning.
Analyze critically works of their predecessors. Specify the weaknesses in their writings, write which questions were not considered. Be sure to specify the reasons why the authors have not considered a particular aspect of the issue. Perhaps the reason was the absence of the necessary equipment (at the time of the research it could just not exist). This way you will be able to determine where their research inside this issue.
Briefly describe the scientific goals that were set by the researchers. How they managed or failed to achieve the desired results. Take the time to lay out his vision on the issue in the literature review. Specify the reasons why you decided to continue the study of this topic. To articulate their challenges and describe ways of achieving them will be the next parts of his scientific work.
Write literature review throughout graduate studies (dissertation). So it will be easier to correct it, Supplement and make changes at the final stage.