Start with the greeting "Dear Chairman and members of the state attestation Commission, your attention is invited to the thesis topic.... ". Of course, nobody will check to see if this item is in your sheets, but better to list the graduation speech details. Otherwise, the protection you can get worked up and forget about the norms of politeness. Thesis call completely, exactly as it appears in the official documents.
Tell us about the reasons of choosing the topic. Answer the question, what explains the actuality and novelty of the research. This and the next paragraph of the speech you write, based on the introduction of your diploma.
Name the object and the subject of your research, describe the hypothesis on which was based a thesis project. Then outline the methods of research and briefly describe the bibliographic sources that were used.
Describe the structure of the work: "This thesis consists of an introduction, N (specify number) chapters, conclusion and list of used literature.
Tell the conclusions of the first Chapter and briefly describe the contents of practical chapters with emphasis on their guidelines. The first Chapter is the traditional review of scientific works on the subject. And the next Chapter is your own scientific research on the issue, so more (but within the rules), you need to stay on the conclusions of the second and subsequent chapters.
Give generalized conclusions on the entire thesis work. This part of the speech you write, based on the conclusion of the diploma. The answer to the question whether it was possible to prove the initial hypothesis. Tell us about the practical benefits of your graduation project.