To start, you will have to re-read your diploma. Calm, relaxed, thoughtful. And mark in the text the most important moments. Do not worry about their volume and connectivity, simply highlight all the most important.
Connect selections in a single document and re-read the resulting text. Abstracted from a thesis and consider whether it is clear with no padding what you wrote. Add binding proposals for the transition from one thought to another. Do not forget about the audience for which you are preparing it. Consider the level of education: if you professors and doctors of Sciences, it is not necessary to insert the additional explanations, which will not be for students discovery. However, if you explored the narrow topic and the Committee composition teachers who do not specialize in your subject, the difficult moments it is necessary to simplify or Supplement the review.
Work on the structure of his speech. Since protection of the diploma – the event official, there are exemplary formulations which are recommended for this situation. You should start with the phrase "Dear Chairman and members of the Commission, fellow students and guests! Your attention is given a thesis on the subject...".
This is followed by briefly to say about the reasons for the choice of topic, relevance and novelty of the work, the object and the subject of your research, call it a goal and tasks that you have decided.
Then tell us briefly about the structure and content of the diploma. Start, for example, with the phrase "Diploma work consists of introduction, two chapters, conclusion and list of references. In the first Chapter we see ...". It is not necessary to recount in detail the contents. The purpose of your speech – and is available while not losing the depth of work to tell what, for what purpose and by what means did you study, what conclusions were reached. Of the previously selected critical parts of the text, leave only those that will meet that goal. Greater attention to the practical part of the work and of the theoretical mention only that you have used and taken into account in practical work.
Re-read it, but this time out loud. All the phrases on which you stopped, cut down and simplify. Where in the middle of the phrase was out of breath, break the sentence into more concise.
Usually performance the graduate student is given 10-15 minutes. Inquire about the time of the supervisor and reduce the speech enough to have time to read it quietly and steadily.
Practice on your friends – speak to them and ask about the experience. You can consider their comments and to see how you manage to keep the audience's attention. His speech finished with the phrase "Thank you for your attention. I am ready to answer your questions."