Typically, the report on the protection of the thesis composed of introduction and conclusion. If these are part of the diploma it is written correctly, they will make up a large part of the protective speech.
To start the report with an appeal to the Commission ("Distinguished members and the Chairman of the Commission...", "Dear Commission..."). Further indicates the topic of your degree, as well as the example you used for research in the practical part.
Then you must specify the relevance of the topic, its significance in the modern world. Then follows a smooth transition to the object of study, purpose, objectives and methods of the study.
Further, it is necessary briefly to describe the main part of your thesis. Explain the contents of its sections and subsections, just don't go deep into details. If Commission members have questions on the content, they will update them after the protective speech. This part of the report can be taken from the content of the main part of the diploma.
When writing protective of speech do not forget the links to the handouts, which you will submit to the Commission ("the results of the analysis you can see in the table. ...", "Report on observations of bent in the chart...").
Next, you should indicate the results of the studies, their value and practical application. In addition, you need to identify the prospects of development of this direction, the area of use.
Protective it need to finish thanking for the attention of the audience, and saying that you finish the report ("our report is finished, thank you for your attention" or "the Student...speech ended, thank you for your attention").