You will need
  • - diploma;
  • computer.
Through analysis of the thesis, do not make categorical conclusions. Try to write correctly and to lean more on the importance of the practical part.
Describe the relevance of the topic of the thesis in the modern world. How is it in demand now or can be in the future tense. It is necessary to meet only a few sentences.
Indicate the level of presentation of theoretical positions in the work. It is important to emphasize the author's ability to properly analyze the theoretical aspects of the various studies and to make their own position. This information is written on the basis of the first Chapter of the thesis.
Analyze the level of study of practical materials and validity of the made in the diploma of insights. You must specify the name and the main activity described in the work of the organization, and the study direction, for example marketing activities.
Write about the practical importance proposed in the thesis recommendations. How much they deserve attention, their reality, and what they can lead in the end. If they already have been tested in the company was a success, it is necessary to specify, as this information is very important for the successful protection work.
Do the analysis of the execution of the thesis. It is necessary to consider the author's ability to use academic and professional terms, logic and spelling. And also a mastery of methods of analysis or research, his ability to carry out calculations and so on. Here you need to describe how thesis is illustrated and supplemented by the applications.
Mention about the shortcomings of the work. Only it must be done competently so they do not overlap previously described advantages. You can, for example, to write that style is not always maintained.
Enter the grade that the thesis deserves in your opinion. Write your surname, name, patronymic name of the reviewer and his position in the company. Signature.