Currently, there are many programs that calculate costing of dishes for public catering enterprises. But not always automated calculation is convenient. For example, when it is necessary to demonstrate the calculation of dishes to guide a cafe or restaurant for signature and approval. In this case, download from the Internet the pricing card (form OP-1) and fill it out.
Be mindful of the recipe, calculate the norms of expenses of raw materials and purchase prices for raw materials and complete graphs calculation card. If you need to calculate the costing of dishes on the new menu, then proceed as follows. Collect information about the list of the ingredients, the flow of each raw material based on 100 portions, and the price will be the purchase of each product.
After you gather information, make a table and write the list of all products of norms of consumption of 100 food and price. Use spreadsheets Microsoft Excel with which you can easily calculate the cost of 1 dish, then multiply the rate of each product at the price and divide the resulting number by 100.
When the cost will be calculated, calculate the costing of dishes and add a mark-up. You will then receive the sale price of one dish. The calculation appears in the calculation card.
In order to estimate more accurate, check the entire list of purchased products, as provided by the list administrators or freight forwarders the same product may pass under different names. To do this, select one name, which will be held in cost cards. Also be sure to confirm the list of semi-finished products and ask how a record of products in units, kilograms, litres.