Determine the most suitable form of information storage. Storage unit can be a newspaper or magazine clipping, a special card, piece of paper, notebook, magazine, abstract, text file. The physical implementation of filing may be different: a paper folder, Notepad, box of cards, a set of electronic folders and files.
One of the primary requirements for the card – ease of perception of the text. Write on the cards, you can maintain neat handwriting by hand, typing, type on a computer keyboard with subsequent printing or saving to file.
For the filing, made in the form of folders containing the reprinted or cut material, make a special rack or use some wall shelves. Each folder should contain material on a certain topic, the topic should be specified on the front of the folder and on her spine. Such filing must provide the ability to quickly locate the desired information.
If you are going to use a standard library card, make a special box, the size of the corresponding cards. The accumulation of material and growth Fund information you may need to build a locker, such as those made for the library directories. The advantage of this type of filing – ease of use and access to information. The disadvantage is a small amount of information that can fit on the card.
Consider creating a kind of preliminary storage. In this case, any vending you the information falls into the drive, without pre-classification. Periodically audit the storage, review the materials and lay them into subject folders. If the information is to be placed in a folder with different themes, get her a copy.
Consider another option of filing (without prior storage). In this case, clippings are pasted in a notebook immediately after selection. Each card receives two numbers: the number pad and the sequence number of the information message in Notepad. Formed in parallel categories; in it write the card numbers and their themes. Large volume print materials and keep in a separate folder, and in Notepad, enter a short message and a link to the appropriate folder.
Maintain electronic filing devoid of the many shortcomings that have paper card. Computer technologies allow to form a database according to various criteria and to structure the material according to themes. A prerequisite for electronic information of the Fund is to create a duplicate archive that should be moved to removable media. This decreases the risk of losing information when the hard drive is damaged computer.