At the beginning of the abstract must indicate the direction of the programme and specific support to the implementation of this activity. For example, artistic activities: applique. Then specify the form of the classes: game, game-lesson, developing the lesson, concluding a lesson on the topic of the week is a game-competition or other.
The theme of the lesson is written briefly: "Tree", "Teremok", "Hedgehog", but the tasks that need to be addressed in the lesson are written deployed. Observed the Trinity of tasks: learning (anything new educator will teach the children); educational (what socially important personal qualities will be educated or updated knowledge about them); developmental (some cognitive processes will be developed or improved).
The abstract summarizes what preliminary work is required that the training was successful and all tasks could be performed. For example, if an application on the topic of "Teremok" children not only read this tale, but consider the illustrations of different authors to this tale, pay attention to the architecture of different buildings of the house, dramatizes the tale.
Further, the notes reflect what pedagogical facilities and equipment needed for this class: equipment (projector, laptop, DVD with the image on the subject, music); methodological tools (visual AIDS, notebooks, patterns); organizational tools (tables, masks for games, sports equipment, paper, cardboard, glue, brushes, napkins, etc.).
The course sessions are described briefly in the logic sequence, the use of these funds: when and which slide will be used, what questions will be asked children what the game will be held. If the game is made by the author alone and are not reflected in the training materials should be identified and the course of the inspection, and the purpose of use at this stage of the lesson.
Must be described in the conclusion of the lesson: as a teacher, sums up the total of how children praises or points out the shortcomings of their work, organizes the exhibition of their works or these works will be donated to the guests who are present in class. For example, guests can be wild animals that would like to build a tower, but don't know how, so children give them their architectural projects.
If children are doing the work on the sample, the abstract must be made by application in the form previously prepared by the teacher finished work. If the notes are issued for reporting and should be presented to the expert Committee, the application must provide the results of children's work or photos showing the progress and result classes.