Identify the main topic of the lesson. Usually the theme follows from a thematic plan and training programmes on a particular subject.
Specify the type of the lesson: lesson of learning new information or lesson to consolidate the material, a combined lesson, repetitive-synthesis, control and other.
Indicate the purpose of the upcoming lesson. Great lesson, pursues complex goals: educational (new knowledge, the deepening of previously obtained knowledge, consolidating theory with practical exercises); educational (the teacher seeks to develop thinking, observation, creative imagination, etc.) and educational (aesthetic education, moral, self-reliance, love of work, etc.).
Next, define the tasks of the lesson and what you intend to do to achieve the above objectives.
Specify material and technical equipment, which will require you and the students in the classroom. This includes cards with tasks, all visual AIDS, illustrations, videos, computer programs, posters and other additional material.
Describe the lesson: what you will use methods and techniques in teaching that is required of the students. It's informative and the most voluminous part of your plans. Consider how to link the beginning of the lesson with already learned material, to adjust the class to interested students. The largest part of the lesson take on learning new concepts and ways of action, on the theoretical information, supported by examples. Then describe how you propose to build skills, organize feedback to students, and specify the expected types of control. Then set the homework. The last paragraph of the content of the lesson indicate generalized conclusions and to reinforce students ' sense of a lesson.
At the end of the lesson, it is assumed assessment of the students ' work with comments and giving marks.