You will need
  • - the contract;
  • - the form of the technical act;
  • or a plain sheet.
Standard forms technical actbut does not exist, but there is a certain order and key points that need to be addressed in the preparation of technical act. To make the technical act is possible on the prepared sheet or on the sheet in any form. Technical the act on the performed works (services) shall be approved by the customer representative, having the authority in accordance with contractual obligations. In the header of the technical actand specified customer organization, position, name and initials of the approver, date of approval. The approving signature is stamped.
Under the heading "Technical act" prescribes the type of work (or service), the name of the theme or the contract. In the text of the technical actand indicated the Commission for acceptance of works consisting of the Chairman and all members of the Commission, indicating the positions and names with initials. Here shall bear the date, number and name of the document on the basis of which the Commission was operating. Members of the Commission may be representatives of different Contracting parties, and persons of a third party.
Further, in the technical act ofe indicates the period of performance, name of the work and name of contractor (organization, entrepreneur, etc.), and contract (or theme), in accordance with which these works were carried out. Necessary to specify the place of work (area of the customer or supplier, etc.).
Below briefly describes the stages of works, the means with which he carried out these works. Then provide the Committee with the assessment of the level of the work performed, identified (if discovered) as a result of acceptance of the remarks. Further, the Commission concludes, ruling, to consider the work done in due time and accepted or not. At the discretion of the Commission in the acte prescribed additional insights and recommendations. Act of the technical condition shall be signed by all Committee members, including the Chairman.
If work, tests, or examinations conducted in accordance with the warranty service or is it just routine maintenance you can make a technical act in a simplified form. In such a technical act, e specifies the type of work (or services performed), the contract under which they were carried out and a list of all phases of work performed. The act is signed by representatives of two parties with an indication of the organizations and the customer, positions, names and initials of representatives. Both signatures of representatives attested by the seals of the organizations. Date stamped under the signatures of the representatives.