The technical task necessary to the customer exactly what he wants, and the contractor realized that he would need to do.If the technical task you will write an indicative list of actions and the phrase "I want to work as well!" everything will work fine but you'll programmer.Perfect technical job - what is it? First, in the specifications should be clearly spelled out General provisions. This is necessary in order to understand what he's doing. In the General provisions can be spelled out specifications of the equipment on which to perform the work, clarification of controversial issues, Glossary, etc.
The second point is a clearly defined goal, which you want to achieve in the process. Writing this section will help the customer to understand what he really wants, and by subsequently offer solutions to the problems described above.
The third point is the requirements that the client imposes for the assignment. Without that item I can not do any technical job. It should be clearly spelled out, what exactly and in what period of time a client wants to get. No need to think that omitting the timing of the assignment you give "freedom" to the contractor. To work in conditions of uncertainty is very difficult.
Technical task should not be too vague - after all, a performer may understand it wrongly or not, as required by the customer. At the same time, technical task should not be too detailed in any project should be a place of creativity. In addition, if you thoroughly know what to look for in your website, magazine or device - that prevents you to do it yourself?