The operator "MTS" with a "Detail account", you can get information about the actions that were made over the past three days (e.g., debited from your account, call cost, SMS - and MMS-messages, GPRS-sessions, incoming and outgoing call numbers and so on). However, information about the actions will not be part of the change of tariff plan, activate, deactivate, or configure services. Connect "Mobile detailing" you can for free, just send a USSD-request on number *111*551#, SMS to 1771 with the text "551" or visit the "Mobile portal". To use the service, type the text "556" and send it to all the same number 1771 or use the USSD command *111*556#. The monthly fee for the service operator does not charge.
Subscribers of the operator "MegaFon" order details of account in the office of the company or in any salon of communication. But do not forget to bring a contract for the provision of communication services and proof of identity. Send a request for service subscribers in the self-service system "Service-Guide", which is the official website of "MegaFon". In the "details of account" this statement also includes the time of receiving and sending messages (SMS and MMS), calls their type numbers of outgoing and incoming calls, and much more.
Is no exception and "Beeline". Subscribers of the network can use the "details", to learn about the type of calls (mobile, service or urban), time of execution, the numbers from which/to which was sent SMS - and MMS-messages, calls made and so on. Users of postpaid system can get details of your account on the official website of the operator by selecting the desired menu. In addition. it is possible to send by Fax (495) 974-5996 his written statement or e-mail its application. Depending on the chosen tariff plan "bill details" will cost you 30-60 rubles. The users of prepaid service is also available on the website "Beeline". To seek assistance they can in any salon communication. They use services cost in 0-60 rubles.