The operator "MTS" is one of those who provide the service "Mobile detailing". With its help, you can get a printout of not only the numbers which you call and which you call yourself, but the numbers to which (or with which) were sent SMS and MMS messages, and also learn about the amount of Internet sessions, the cost of telephone calls. To use this service, dial the free USSD *111*551# or *111*556# and press call. In addition, you can produce detail of your account using "Mobile portal" or number 1771 for which you want to send a text 556. The service "Mobile detailing" absolutely free, no subscription fees.
Getting printouts of dialed and incoming numbers, time of receiving messages (SMS and MMS), GPRS-sessions available and the operator "MegaFon". To obtain the details of an account, each subscriber may, through the self-service system "Service-Guide" (it is on the official website of the company) or at the nearest salon.
The subscribers of "Beeline" can also use a service called "bill details". It gives you the opportunity to learn not only the duration of calls, but also their type (e.g. stationary or mobile), date of conversation and taking/ sending of various messages (voice in particular), and of course, the numbers from which you received calls or messages. To obtain information about your account, you can if you send a written statement to the Fax: (495) 974-5996 or Inbox Detail account is also possible through the website of the operator, technical customer support or salon communication "Beeline". By the way, if you decide to turn it into the operator's office or salon, be sure to bring your passport and the contract on rendering of communication services.