To order detailing the accounts of MTS, you can apply directly to the office of the company. Don't forget to bring your passport confirming that you have requested information about your account registered in your name. This service is provided to you free of charge.
In the case where you have the opportunity to access the Internet, go to MTS and in the settings, specify the region where was your mobile phone. On the right, on the sidebar, click the menu item "Internet assistant" and enter this section.
To activate your personal subkey, enter your mobile number in the specified format and enter the password. It can be obtained by typing in a sms message 25, a space, your password. The length should be at least 6 characters and it must contain at least one digit, one lowercase and one uppercase Latin letters. If you already use Internet-helper, but forgot your password, don't worry – simply send an SMS with the new password. In the system it will be changed automatically, immediately after receiving your message.
In menu, select "Account" and "cost Control". The itemized bill can be presented to you in two versions – for the current month and for any period not later than six months from the current date. Select the option that you need.
Detailed information about the outgoing calls made from your phone, sent SMS, MMS and Internet can be sent to your email or to your personal account online assistant. Specify the method of delivery of the report. If you chose email, enter its address in the appropriate field. In the next step, select your preferred document format: xml, html, pdf, or xls. Check the settings of the order and confirm it by pressing "Order".