If you are a subscriber of MTS, or the "Beeline"and order details of account on the official website. To do this, visit the website of the operator. If necessary, register and log in. Next, select the appropriate button - "bill details".
Select sms if there is one. On the screen a list will appear that contains information about the sending time and the room to which it was sent, and information about communication services, MMS, voice services and GPRS sessions. Message texts sent from the numbers you can get from the recipients.
Order your "Mobile detailing", if you use the services of MTS. On your phone, dial *111*551# and press call. You can also send a text message 551 on number 1771. In addition, you can use the "Mobile portal". Find out on the last action with your room by room 1771 text message 556.
If you are a subscriber of the operator "MegaFon", please send a request for detail sms "Service-the guide" on the official website. Remember that this operator also provides the text content of sms, as this is confidential data.
Regardless of the services of any mobile operator you use, get the details in the counselor's office.
Print available in phone messages to print using the software that comes bundled with a mobile phone. Install the software on your computer. Reboot the system if necessary.
Open the installed program and connect using the USB cable mobile phone to PC. Find it in the program window section with sms. Print the window all the messages at once — for this there is a special button. In the parameters section, select print to print the sms.